Klaus Schulze
Ultimate Edition

Klaus Schulze - Ultimate Edition

  • Release date: 2000
  • Format: MP3
  • Category: Electronica
  • Duration: 8:48:54
  • not rated
  • Added May 2, 2010


Ultimate Edition CD41
1. Darkest Steglitz, Concert 1976not rated7:45
2. Berlin Schöneberg, Concert 1976not rated24:18
Ultimate Edition CD42
1. Get The Car, Harry, Studio 1978not rated19:07
2. For Barry Graves, Concert 1977not rated14:29
Ultimate Edition CD45
1. 'Nuff Said, Studio 1997not rated1:19:12
Ultimate Edition CD46
1. L'opera aperta, Concert 1998not rated49:50
2. La tolleranza, Concert 1998not rated15:29
3. Time Goes By, Studio 1999not rated12:26
Ultimate Edition CD47
1. Discover Trakl, Studio 1978not rated28:02
2. Crazy Nietzsche, Studio 1978not rated43:15
Ultimate Edition CD48
1. Just an Old-Fashioned Schulze Track, Concert 1075not rated1:13:32
2. Zooblast, Studio 1993not rated3:11
Ultimate Edition CD49
1. Cum cello spiritu, Studio 1999not rated26:40
2. Cellingua, Studio 1999not rated27:41
3. Cello cum laude, Studio 1999not rated24:18
Ultimate Edition CD50
1. Berlin Zehlendorf, Concert 1976not rated21:29
2. Unikat, Studio 1989not rated11:30
3. The Face Of Mae West, Studio 1990not rated8:18
4. Himmel Und Erde (Remix), Studio 1993not rated7:08
5. Vas Insigne Electionis, Studio 1993not rated9:48
6. Grosse Gaukler Gottes, Studio 1994not rated5:24
7. Dreieinhalb Stunden, Studio 1996not rated4:28
8. The Schulzendorf Groove (F...), Studio 1998not rated11:34

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