Royal Scottish National Orchestra Chorus
Songs of Scotland

Royal Scottish National Orchestra Chorus - Songs of Scotland

  • Release date: 1994
  • Genre: Scotland
  • Category: World
  • Duration: 1:17:01
  • not rated
  • Added October 23, 2005


1. The Bonnie Earl O' Moraynot rated4:24
2. O Whistlenot rated1:50
3. Afton Waternot rated2:44
4. Durisdeernot rated4:06
5. Scots Wha Haenot rated2:36
6. Annie Laurienot rated3:28
7. Gae Bring Tae Me A Pint O' Winenot rated2:31
8. The Wee Cooper O' Fifenot rated2:01
9. My Love's In Germanienot rated3:27
10. Comin' Through The Ryenot rated1:32
11. The Skye Boat Songnot rated3:39
12. The Winter Of Lifenot rated1:52
13. The Piper O' Dundeenot rated1:15
14. The Queen's Mariesnot rated2:53
15. The Dei'ls Awa Wi' Th' Excisemannot rated1:15
16. Willie's Fair and Willie's Rarenot rated2:19
17. Corn Rigsnot rated3:50
18. John Anderson My Jonot rated1:32
19. Bonnie Dundeenot rated1:13
20. Will Ye No Come Back Again?not rated3:44
21. Ye Banks And Braesnot rated3:36
22. The Birks O' Aberfeldynot rated2:09
23. Ca The Yowesnot rated4:25
24. Sleeps The Noonnot rated2:35
25. I'll Aye Ca In By Yon Tounnot rated1:12
26. This Is No My Plaidnot rated2:12
27. Loch Lomondnot rated3:48
28. Auld Lang Synenot rated4:53

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