Tommy Dorsey
His Greatest Hits & Finest Performances

Tommy Dorsey - His Greatest Hits & Finest Performances

  • Release date: 1997
  • Genre: Big Band
  • Category: Jazz
  • Duration: 3:13:41
  • not rated
  • Added July 15, 2004


1. The Big Applenot rated2:43
2. On Treasure Islandnot rated3:42
3. There Are Such Thingsnot rated2:46
4. Our Lovenot rated2:48
5. Music, Maestro, Pleasenot rated2:57
6. Doloresnot rated2:57
7. In the Blue of the Eveningnot rated2:58
8. All the Things You Arenot rated3:22
9. Marienot rated3:22
10. Once in a Whilenot rated2:43
11. It's Always Younot rated3:14
12. Let's Get Away from It Allnot rated4:55
13. Just As Though You Were Herenot rated3:13
14. Stardustnot rated3:12
15. We Three ( My Echo, My Shadow and Me)not rated3:05
16. Oh! Look at Me Nownot rated3:17
17. It Started All Over Againnot rated2:59
18. I'll Never Smile Againnot rated3:13
19. I'll Be Seeing Younot rated3:02
1. I'm Getting Sentimental Over Younot rated4:24
2. Chasing Shadowsnot rated3:02
3. Lullaby of Broadwaynot rated2:48
4. I Wished on the Moonnot rated3:13
5. I'll Never Say "Never Again" Againnot rated2:49
6. Without a Word of Warningnot rated3:16
7. Boogie Woogienot rated3:11
8. Have You Got Any Castles, Baby?not rated2:41
9. Take Me Back to My Boots and Saddlenot rated3:20
10. Stop Beatin' Around the Mulberry Bushnot rated3:10
11. Are All My Favorite Bands Playing or Am I Dreaming?not rated2:52
12. Younot rated2:50
13. The Dipsy Doodlenot rated3:10
14. You Are My Lucky Starnot rated3:32
15. Satan Takes A Holidaynot rated3:17
16. Indian Summernot rated3:28
17. Who?not rated3:06
18. Song Of Indianot rated3:10
19. The Music Goes Round and Roundnot rated3:24
20. Oh, You Crazy Moonnot rated2:54
1. This Love of Minenot rated3:44
2. Yes, Indeed!not rated3:29
3. Opus Onenot rated2:56
4. Untilnot rated3:05
5. I Dream of You (More Than You Dream I Do)not rated3:02
6. Down By The Stationnot rated3:04
7. The Hucklebucknot rated2:58
8. Manhattan Serenadenot rated3:18
9. Embraceable Younot rated2:53
10. Againnot rated3:24
11. Tea for Two Cha-Chanot rated3:02
12. Opening/I'm Getting Sentimental Over Younot rated5:18
13. Frenesinot rated3:48
14. Deep River (Dear Old Southland)not rated2:59
15. Smoke Gets in Your Eyesnot rated4:37
16. Swing Time in Harlemnot rated3:50
17. Tea for Twonot rated3:17
18. Honeysuckle Rosenot rated2:35
19. I'll See You in My Dreamsnot rated2:41
20. Well, Git It!not rated4:09
21. I'm Getting Sentimental Over You/Closingnot rated1:27

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