Johnny Cash
The Essential Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash - The Essential Johnny Cash

  • Release date: 1992
  • Genre: Country
  • Category: Country
  • Duration: 1:45:48
  • not rated
  • Added April 24, 2006


1. Hey Porternot rated2:13
2. Cry, Cry, Crynot rated2:24
3. I Walk the Linenot rated2:44
4. Get Rhythmnot rated2:13
5. There You Gonot rated2:17
6. Ballad of a Teenage Queennot rated2:11
7. Big Rivernot rated2:31
8. Guess Things Happen That Waynot rated1:49
9. All over Againnot rated2:12
10. Don't Take Your Guns to Townnot rated3:03
11. Five Feet High and Risingnot rated1:46
12. The Rebel - Johnny Yumanot rated1:52
13. Tennessee Flat-Top Boxnot rated2:59
14. I Still Miss Someonenot rated2:34
15. Ring of Firenot rated2:36
16. The Ballad of Ira Hayesnot rated4:08
17. Orange Blossom Specialnot rated3:07
18. Were You There (When They Crucified My Lord)not rated3:51
1. It Ain't Me, Babenot rated3:03
2. The One on the Right Is on the Leftnot rated2:47
3. Jacksonnot rated2:45
4. Folsom Prison Bluesnot rated2:44
5. Daddy Sang Bassnot rated2:20
6. Girl from the North Countrynot rated3:42
7. A Boy Named Suenot rated3:47
8. If I Were a Carpenternot rated2:59
9. Sunday Morning Coming Downnot rated4:10
10. Flesh & Bloodnot rated2:36
11. Man in Blacknot rated2:52
12. Ragged Old Flagnot rated3:08
13. One Piece at a Timenot rated4:01
14. (Ghost) Riders in the Skynot rated3:45
15. Song of the Patriotnot rated3:29
16. Highwaymannot rated3:03
17. The Night Hank Williams Came to Townnot rated3:23
18. The Wanderernot rated4:44

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