Various artists
The World's Best-Loved Waltzes

Various artists - The World's Best-Loved Waltzes

  • Release date: 1996
  • Genre: Classical
  • Category: Classical
  • Duration: 4:03:11
  • not rated
  • Added July 5, 2004


1. Hello, Young Loversnot rated3:27
2. The Most Beauyiful Girl in the Worldnot rated2:43
3. Wunderbarnot rated2:50
4. Try to Remembernot rated2:56
5. Matchmaker, Matchmakernot rated2:53
6. It's a Big, Wide, Wonderful Worldnot rated3:10
7. Baubles, Bangles and Beadsnot rated3:09
8. Oh, What a Beautiful Morningnot rated3:09
9. Night Waltznot rated2:57
10. My Favorite Thingsnot rated2:24
11. I'm Falling in Love With Someonenot rated3:03
12. Will You Remember?not rated3:21
13. Giannina Mianot rated3:48
14. Sweetheartsnot rated2:52
15. Wanting Younot rated3:55
16. Medely: Gypsy Love Waltz/Merry Widow Waltznot rated2:50
17. I'll See Yoou Againnot rated2:30
18. Vilianot rated1:57
19. A Kiss in the Darknot rated2:28
20. My Heronot rated2:50
1. The Vienna Promenade Orchestra - Around The Worldnot rated3:45
2. The Vienna Promenade Orchestra - Lara's Themenot rated2:47
3. The Vienna Promenade Orchestra - The Song From Moulin Rougenot rated2:56
4. The Vienna Promenade Orchestra - Tammynot rated3:05
5. The Vienna Promenade Orchestra - True Lovenot rated3:11
6. The Vienna Promenade Orchestra - Fascinationnot rated2:45
7. The Vienna Promenade Orchestra - Hi-Lili, Hi-Lonot rated4:04
8. The Vienna Promenade Orchestra - One Night of Lovenot rated2:57
9. The Vienna Promenade Orchestra - The Boy Next Doornot rated3:34
10. The Vienna Promenade Orchestra - It's a Grand Night for Singingnot rated2:01
11. The Vienna Promenade Orchestra - Love's Joynot rated3:52
12. Vienna State Opera Orchestra - Waltz from Serenade for Stringsnot rated3:51
13. Vienna State Opera Orchestra - Danube Wavesnot rated2:43
14. Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - Waltz from Coppelianot rated3:14
15. Vienna State Opera Orchestra - Love's Roundelaynot rated3:08
16. Vienna State Opera Orchestra - Estudiantina Waltznot rated3:10
17. Vienna State Opera Orchestra - Two Hearts in Three-Quarter Timenot rated3:16
18. Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - Waltz from Sylvianot rated4:22
19. Vienna State Opera Orchestra - Vienna, City of My Dreamsnot rated3:06
1. Beautiful Dreamernot rated2:29
2. Belle of the Ballnot rated2:45
3. The Mssouri Waltznot rated2:19
4. Tennessee Waltznot rated2:22
5. Meet Me in St. Louis, Louisnot rated2:35
6. Allegheny Moonnot rated3:14
7. The Sidewalks of New York (East Side, West Side)not rated2:35
8. Down by the Old Mill Streamnot rated2:52
9. Crusing Down the Rivernot rated2:39
10. Carolina Moonnot rated3:03
11. Beautiful Ohionot rated2:47
12. The Blue Danubenot rated2:39
13. Tales fron the Vienna Woodsnot rated2:06
14. Voices of Springnot rated5:36
15. Artist's Life Waltznot rated8:09
16. Waltz from Die Fledermausnot rated2:40
17. Wine, Woman and Songnot rated5:41
18. London Waltznot rated2:35
1. The Girl That I Marrynot rated2:34
2. Alwaysnot rated2:43
3. Falling in Love with Lovenot rated2:56
4. Remembernot rated3:12
5. Lovernot rated2:05
6. All Alonenot rated3:28
7. Out of My dreamsnot rated2:50
8. What'll I Donot rated3:06
9. Do I Hear a Waltznot rated2:58
10. Carousel Waltznot rated5:49
11. If You Were the Only Girl in the Worldnot rated3:13
12. Let Me Call You Sweetheartnot rated2:41
13. Melody of Lovenot rated3:24
14. I Love You Trulynot rated3:49
15. The Waltz You Saved for Menot rated2:15
16. After the Ballnot rated3:06
17. Togethernot rated2:52
18. Girl of My Dreamsnot rated3:12
19. Let's Take an Old-Fashioned Walknot rated3:01
20. Medly: Three O'Clock in the Morning /The Loviest Night of the Yearnot rated3:52

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