Original Cast
The Student Prince

Original Cast - The Student Prince

  • Release date: 1997
  • Genre: Musical
  • Category: Soundtrack
  • Duration: 1:39:32
  • not rated
  • Added June 28, 2004


1. Overturenot rated7:00
2. Prologue: By Our Bearing So Sedatenot rated2:05
3. Golden Daysnot rated3:48
4. Garlands Brightnot rated2:24
5. To The Inn We're Marchingnot rated1:56
6. Drinking Songnot rated2:27
7. I'm Coming At Your Callnot rated1:39
8. A Student Has A Happy Lotnot rated0:53
9. Come Boys, Let's All Be Gay Boysnot rated1:56
10. Entrance Of The Prince And Engelnot rated0:37
11. Heidelberg, Beloved Visionnot rated1:09
12. In Heidelberg Fairnot rated1:45
13. Gaudeamus Igiturnot rated1:23
14. Drinking Song (Reprise)not rated0:54
15. Golden Days (Reprise)not rated2:34
16. Deep In My Heart, Dearnot rated5:11
17. Come Sir, Will You Join Our Noble Saxon Corpsnot rated1:59
18. To Our Native Land Of Freedomnot rated0:44
19. Come Answer To Our Callnot rated1:51
20. Drinking Song (Reprise)not rated1:02
21. Serenadenot rated3:44
22. Carnival Of Springtimenot rated3:03
23. Finale Act 1not rated1:54
1. Act II - Introductionnot rated1:59
2. Farmer Jacob Lay A-Snoringnot rated0:44
3. Student Lifenot rated2:43
4. Finale Act II - Thoughts Will Come To Me Of Daysnot rated3:25
5. We're Off To Paris, City Of Joynot rated2:30
6. Deep In My Heart, Dear (Reprise)not rated2:21
7. Act III - Openingnot rated2:39
8. Balletnot rated2:33
9. Waltznot rated1:18
10. Just We Twonot rated5:27
11. The Flag That Flies Abovenot rated1:04
12. Gavottenot rated1:08
13. Finale Act III - Never More Will Come Again Those Days Of Youthnot rated8:01
14. Serade Intermezzonot rated4:32
15. Act IV - Opening Chorus: Let Us Sing A Songnot rated0:56
16. Finale Act IV - To The Inn We're Marching (Reprise)not rated0:41
17. The Flag That Flies Above Us (Reprise)not rated1:03
18. Serenade (Reprise)not rated1:08
19. Come Boys, Let's All Be Gay (Reprise)not rated0:42
20. Scenenot rated1:18
21. Deep In My Heart, Dear (reprise)not rated1:22

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