Ella Fitzgerald
Ella & Friends

Ella Fitzgerald - Ella & Friends

  • Release date: 1996
  • Genre: Jazz
  • Category: Jazz
  • Duration: 59:59
  • not rated
  • Added March 8, 2004


1. The Frim Fram Saucenot rated3:14
2. Dream a Little Dream of Menot rated3:08
3. Can Anyone Explain?not rated3:12
4. Would You Like to Take a Walk?not rated3:18
5. Who Walks In When I Walk Out?not rated2:20
6. Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fallnot rated3:10
7. I'm Making Believenot rated3:13
8. I'm Beginning to See the Lightnot rated2:45
9. I Still Feel the Same About Younot rated3:19
10. Petootie Pienot rated2:38
11. Baby, It's Cold Outsidenot rated2:44
12. Don't Cry, Cry Babynot rated2:59
13. Ain't Nobody's Business But My Ownnot rated3:15
14. I'll Never Be Freenot rated3:12
15. It's Only a Paper Moonnot rated2:37
16. (Gonna) Cry You Out of My Heartnot rated2:48
17. (I Love You) For Sentimental Reasonsnot rated3:11
18. It's a Pity to Say Goodnightnot rated2:41
19. Fairy Talesnot rated2:54
20. I Gotta Have My Baby Backnot rated3:21

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