The Gregg Smith Singers
The Great Sentimental Age

The Gregg Smith Singers - The Great Sentimental Age

  • Release date: 1990
  • Genre: Classical
  • Category: Classical
  • Duration: 2:17:31
  • not rated
  • Added July 5, 2004


1. Rally Medleynot rated4:35
2. Willie Has Gone To The Warnot rated4:12
3. Tenting On The Old Campground; Marching Through Georgianot rated5:17
4. They Are Herenot rated2:30
5. Jenny Junenot rated2:34
6. Wilt Thou Be Truenot rated1:46
7. Beautiful Dreamernot rated2:57
8. Katy Bellnot rated1:47
9. Willie We Have Missed Younot rated2:17
10. Jeanie With The Light Brown Hairnot rated3:20
11. Little Ellanot rated1:50
12. Ellen Baynenot rated1:55
13. The Merry, Merry Month Of Maynot rated2:05
14. Come Where My Love Lies Dreamingnot rated3:28
15. Somebody's Coming To See Me Tonightnot rated1:33
16. Three Piano Dancesnot rated5:26
17. Good Times Medleynot rated1:16
18. There Are Plenty Of Fish In The Seanot rated1:40
19. Some Folksnot rated1:59
20. In The Alleynot rated2:59
21. Circus Bandnot rated2:02
22. Waltz Medleynot rated4:54
23. Listen To The Mocking Birdnot rated5:31
1. Campaign Medleynot rated5:33
2. Put The Right Man At The Wheelnot rated1:37
3. Mr. And Mrs. Brownnot rated3:32
4. If You've Only Got A Moustachenot rated1:56
5. A Son Of A Gamboliernot rated2:28
6. Wilt Thou Be Gone Lovenot rated4:05
7. I'll Remember You In My Prayersnot rated3:22
8. Four Songsnot rated7:13
9. She's The Sweetest Of Them All; The Horticultural Wifenot rated4:23
10. Jockey Hat And Feathers, Romanzo di Central Parknot rated4:34
11. Lilly Bell; Nelly Graynot rated5:09
12. Alone And At Homenot rated3:20
13. Memoriesnot rated11:20
14. Memories []not rated11:06

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