Marty Stuart
Souls' Chapel

Marty Stuart - Souls' Chapel

  • Release date: 2005
  • Genre: Country
  • Category: Country
  • Duration: 47:47
  • not rated
  • Added April 18, 2006


1. Somebody Saved Menot rated3:49
2. Lord, Give Me Just A Little More Timenot rated3:37
3. Way Downnot rated3:30
4. Come Into The House Of The Lordnot rated4:08
5. The Gospel Story Of Noah's Arknot rated6:31
6. I Can't Even Walk (Without You Holding My Hand)not rated3:54
7. It's Time To Go Homenot rated3:26
8. The Unseen Handnot rated5:10
9. There's A Rainbow (At The End Of Every Storm)not rated3:00
10. Slow Trainnot rated3:18
11. Move Along Train (with Mavis Staples)not rated3:42
12. Souls' Chapelnot rated3:42

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