Bloc Party
Silent Alarm Remixed

Bloc Party - Silent Alarm Remixed

  • Release date: 2004
  • Genre: Rock
  • Category: Rock
  • Duration: 1:10:42
  • not rated
  • Added November 11, 2005


1. Like Eating Glass [Ladytron Zapatista Mix]not rated4:18
2. Helicopter [Whitey Version]not rated4:34
3. Positive Tension [Blackbox Remix]not rated4:27
4. Banquet [Phones Disco Edit]not rated5:27
5. Blue Light [Engineers 'Anti-Gravity' Mix]not rated3:03
6. She's Hearing Voices [Erol Alkan's Calling Your Dub]not rated8:25
7. This Modern Love [Dave P. And Adam Sparkles' Making Time Remix]not rated5:03
8. The Pioneers [M83 Remix]not rated5:52
9. Price Of Gas [Automato Remix]not rated4:49
10. So Here We Are [Four Tet Remix]not rated6:28
11. Luno [Bloc Party Vs. Death From Above 1979]not rated3:57
12. Plans [Replanned By Mogwai]not rated3:44
13. Compliments [Shibuyaka Remix By Nick Zinner]not rated5:21
14. Tulips [Minotaur Shock Remix]not rated5:14

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