Soundtrack - Evita

  • Release date: 1996
  • Genre: Soundtrack
  • Category: Soundtrack
  • Duration: 1:48:36
  • not rated
  • Added September 9, 2003


1. A Cinema In Buenos Aires, 26 July 1952not rated1:19
2. Requiem For Evitanot rated4:16
3. Oh What A Circusnot rated5:45
4. On This Night OF A Thousand Starsnot rated2:24
5. Eva Beware Of The Citynot rated5:21
6. Buenos Airesnot rated4:09
7. Another Suitcase in Another Hallnot rated3:33
8. Goodnight And Thank Younot rated4:18
9. The Lady's Got Potentialnot rated4:25
10. The Art Of The Possiblenot rated2:33
11. I'd Be Surprisingly Good For Younot rated4:19
12. Hello And Goodbyenot rated1:46
13. Peron's Latest Flamenot rated5:17
14. A New Argentinanot rated8:13
1. On the Balcony of the Casa Rosada 1not rated1:28
2. Don't Cry for Me Argentinanot rated5:31
3. On the Balcony of the Casa Rosada 2not rated2:00
4. High Flying, Adorednot rated3:32
5. Rainbow Highnot rated2:26
6. Rainbow Tournot rated4:51
7. The Actress Hasn't Learned the Lines (You'd Like to Hear)not rated2:31
8. And the Money Kept Rolling In (and Out)not rated3:53
9. Partido Feministanot rated1:40
10. She is a Diamondnot rated1:39
11. Santa Evitanot rated2:31
12. Waltz for Eva and Chenot rated4:12
13. Your Little Body's Slowly Breaking Downnot rated1:24
14. You Must Love Menot rated2:50
15. Eva's Final Broadcastnot rated3:05
16. Latin Chantnot rated2:11
17. Lamentnot rated5:14

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