Moscow Cathedral Choir
Missa Russica

Moscow Cathedral Choir - Missa Russica

  • Release date: 1992
  • Genre: Classical
  • Category: Classical
  • Duration: 1:14:26
  • not rated
  • Added June 13, 2004


1. Come, let us worship (17th Century)not rated1:31
2. Praise the Lord, o my soul (Greek hymn)not rated6:51
3. Lord, have mercynot rated1:15
4. O gentle light (17th Century)not rated3:25
5. The Lord is Kingnot rated2:13
6. Lord, now lettest thounot rated2:52
7. Hail, Virgin Mother of Godnot rated1:50
8. Glory to God in the highestnot rated2:15
9. Praise the name of the Lordnot rated2:11
10. For many yearsnot rated2:14
11. Holy God (17th Century)not rated3:07
12. The Hymn of the Cherubinnot rated3:59
13. Adoration of the Lambnot rated3:42
14. The Opening of the Seven Sealsnot rated21:36
15. Holy Jerusalemnot rated7:47
16. Lord, save thy peoplenot rated5:01
17. For many yearsnot rated2:37

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