Jimmy Durante
Club Durante

Jimmy Durante - Club Durante

  • Release date: 1959
  • Genre: Traditional Pop
  • Category: Jazz
  • Duration: 38:30
  • not rated
  • Added July 15, 2004


1. A Real Piano Player (with Al Jolson)not rated3:20
2. I'm As Ready As I'll Ever Be (with Sophie Tucker)not rated4:18
3. There's A Place In The Theatre For You-Who Will Be With You When I'm Far Away (with Ethel Barrymore)not rated5:38
4. Start Off Each Day WA Song-Bill Bailey-I Can Do Without Broadway-Jimmy The Well Dressed Man-So I Ups To Him-Because Theynot rated5:55
5. Sing Soft, Sing Sweet (with Bing Crosby)not rated3:05
6. Our Voices Were Meant For Each Other-Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet-Waiting For The Robert E. Lee (with Helen Traubel)not rated7:21
7. The Boys With The Proboscis (with Bob Hope)not rated2:34
8. The World Needs New Faces-Start Off Each Day With A Song-If You Knew Susie (with Eddie Cantor)not rated3:16
9. Swingin' With Rhythm & Blues (with Peter Lawford)not rated3:03

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