Glenn Miller
The Secret Broadcasts

Glenn Miller - The Secret Broadcasts

  • Release date: 1996
  • Genre: Jazz
  • Category: Jazz
  • Duration: 3:47:04
  • not rated
  • Added July 17, 2004


1. I Sustain The Wingsnot rated0:35
2. Mission To Moscownot rated2:42
3. The Music Stoppednot rated2:38
4. Long Tall Mamanot rated3:25
5. Beautiful Blue Danubenot rated3:21
6. I've Got A Heart Filled With Love (For You Dear)not rated3:37
7. Summertimenot rated2:16
8. Caribbean Clippernot rated2:39
9. Irrestible Younot rated2:20
10. Our Waltznot rated3:24
11. Everybody Loves My Baby (But My Baby Don't Love Nobody But Me)not rated3:09
12. Along The Santa Fe Trailnot rated3:57
13. Keep 'Em Flyingnot rated3:08
14. Songs My Mother Taught Menot rated2:03
15. Over There!not rated2:16
16. Pearls On Velvetnot rated3:59
17. My Blue Heavennot rated1:26
18. Here We Go Againnot rated3:46
19. Moon Dreamsnot rated2:20
20. Oh, Lady Be Good!not rated3:00
21. Begin The Beguinenot rated3:33
22. Caprice Viennoisnot rated2:02
23. Tuxedo Junctionnot rated3:31
24. The Squadron Songnot rated2:33
25. Stompin' At The Savoynot rated1:31
26. Swing Low, Sweet Chariotnot rated4:15
27. I Sustain The Wings []not rated0:36
1. I Sustain The Wingsnot rated0:35
2. Bubble Bathnot rated3:34
3. The Way You Look Tonightnot rated2:27
4. Going My Waynot rated3:55
5. Snafu Jumpnot rated3:02
6. Rhapsody In Bluenot rated2:58
7. Oh, What A Beautiful Mornin'not rated4:22
8. In The Gloamingnot rated2:15
9. In The Moodnot rated3:14
10. Suddenly It's Springnot rated3:03
11. The Dipsy Doodlenot rated1:32
12. Star Dustnot rated3:51
13. (There'll Be A) Hot Time In The Town of Berlin (When the Yanks Go Marching In)not rated2:49
14. Blue Is The Nightnot rated2:13
15. Tail-End Charlienot rated3:16
16. I Love Younot rated2:43
17. American Patrolnot rated3:28
18. All The Things You Arenot rated2:20
19. Put Your Arms Around Me Honeynot rated2:43
20. A Lovely Way To Spend An Eveningnot rated3:14
21. 7-0-5not rated2:49
22. Goin' Homenot rated4:22
23. Don't Be That Waynot rated1:44
24. With My Head In The Cloudsnot rated2:43
25. Farewell Bluesnot rated3:03
26. Anvil Chorusnot rated4:06
27. I Sustain The Wings []not rated0:35
1. I Sustain the Wings (Opening theme)not rated0:35
2. Stealin' Applesnot rated3:16
3. Army Air Corps Song - A Felow On A Furloughnot rated1:56
4. Cherokeenot rated2:04
5. Stormy Weathernot rated4:11
6. Guns In the Skynot rated2:31
7. Jeanie With the Light Brown Hairnot rated2:06
8. Music Makersnot rated1:27
9. Summertimenot rated3:09
10. It Must Be Jelly ('Cause Jam Don't Shake Like That)not rated3:06
11. Holiday for Stringsnot rated5:58
12. The Victory Polkanot rated2:51
13. A String of Pearlsnot rated3:34
14. Moonlight Serenadenot rated2:48
15. Speak Lownot rated3:57
16. Sun Valley Jumpnot rated2:42
17. Annie Laurienot rated5:01
18. Enlisted Men's Messnot rated2:45
19. Poinciananot rated4:51
20. Song of the Volga Boatmennot rated3:05
21. All Through the Nightnot rated1:31
22. 9:20 Specialnot rated3:18
23. Now I Knownot rated3:23
24. Jeep Jockey Jumpnot rated3:22
25. Good Night, Wherever You Arenot rated2:03
26. I Sustain the Wings (closing theme)not rated0:36

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