Jim Taylor
The Civil War Collection

Jim Taylor - The Civil War Collection

  • Release date: 1995
  • Genre: Folk
  • Category: Country
  • Duration: 1:13:24
  • not rated
  • Added January 16, 2010


1. Booth Shot Lincoln, I'll Learn You How to Rock Andynot rated3:57
2. 3 Forks of Hell, Arkansas Traveler, Pop Goes the Weaselnot rated4:57
3. Camp Chasenot rated1:49
4. The Rebel Raid, Abe's Retreatnot rated3:50
5. They Swung John Brown to a Sour Apple Treenot rated1:36
6. Dixie, Come Dance and Singnot rated3:48
7. McClanahan's Marchnot rated1:56
8. St. Patrick's Day in the Morning, Gary Owen, Haste to the Weddingnot rated3:51
9. Stony Pointnot rated2:28
10. The Falls of Richmondnot rated3:36
11. There is a Fountainnot rated2:12
12. Little Rose is Gone, Billy in the Lowgroundnot rated4:04
13. Bragg's Retreat, Leather Britchesnot rated4:42
14. Last of Sizemorenot rated2:17
15. Money Musknot rated4:05
16. Natches Under the Hill, Turkey in the Strawnot rated4:15
17. Hell Broke Loose in Georgianot rated2:31
18. John Brown's March, John Brown's Dreamnot rated4:20
19. Republican Spirit, Mississippi Sawyernot rated3:14
20. Quince Dillon's High D, Richmond Bluesnot rated3:08
21. Seneca Square Dancenot rated2:37
22. Bonaparte's Retreat, Bonaparte's Charge, Bonaparte's Marchnot rated4:11

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