Various artists
Very Best of Naxos Early Music

Various artists - Very Best of Naxos Early Music

  • Release date: 2008
  • Genre: Classical
  • Category: Classical
  • Duration: 43:18
  • not rated
  • Added August 13, 2009


1. Jeremy Summerly, Thomas Tallis - With all our hearts: With all our heartnot rated3:11
2. Jeremy Summerly, Orlande De Lassus - Missa Entre vous filles: Kyrienot rated3:11
3. Bernhard Bohm, Anonymous - Basse Danse, "La Magdalena"not rated2:49
4. Ciaramella, Nicolas Grenon - Nova vobis gaudianot rated2:19
5. Oni Wytars Ensemble, Anonymous - Kyrie eleison (Christian-Arabic Tradition, Lebanon)not rated3:19
6. Antony Pitts, Alexander L'Estrange - The Lamentation of David (arr. A. L'Estrange): The Lamentation of David [Song 5] (arr. A. L'Estrange)not rated2:33
7. Elizabeth Farr, William Byrd - Lord Willobies Welcome Homenot rated3:02
8. Antony Pitts, John Dunstable - Quam pulchra es, JD 44not rated2:35
9. Sergio Vartolo, Girolamo Cavazzoni - Ricercare No. 2: Ricercare secondonot rated5:16
10. Jeremy Summerly, Nicolas Gombert - Tulerunt Dominum meumnot rated5:46
11. Sven Berger, Heinricus Isaac - La mi la sol, la sol la mi: La mi la solnot rated2:45
12. Jeremy Summerly, Hildegard Of Bingen - O vos imitatores excelsenot rated6:32

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