Aretha Franklin
Queen Of Soul

Aretha Franklin - Queen Of Soul

  • Release date: 1992
  • Genre: Soul
  • Format: CD
  • Category: misc
  • Duration: 5:01:19
  • not rated
  • Added February 25, 2010


1. Never Loved A Man (The Way I Love You)not rated2:50
2. Do Right Woman-Do Right Mannot rated3:13
3. Save Menot rated2:19
4. Respectnot rated2:24
5. Baby, Baby, Babynot rated2:53
6. Dr. Feelgood (Love Is A Serious Business)not rated3:21
7. (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Womannot rated2:45
8. Soul Serenadenot rated2:36
9. Drown In My Own Tearsnot rated4:06
10. Chain Of Foolsnot rated2:47
11. Baby, I Love Younot rated2:41
12. Ain't Nobody (Gonna Turn Me Around)not rated2:35
13. Since You've Been Gone (Sweet Sweet Baby)not rated2:24
14. You Are My Sunshinenot rated4:19
15. Going Down Slownot rated4:30
16. Never Let Me Gonot rated2:53
17. I Wondernot rated4:24
18. Prove Itnot rated2:58
19. Good Timesnot rated2:07
20. Come Back Babynot rated2:25
21. A Changenot rated2:24
22. You're A Sweet Sweet Mannot rated2:17
23. Good To Me As I Am To Younot rated3:56
24. People Get Readynot rated3:42
25. Ain't No Waynot rated4:11
1. Thinknot rated2:17
2. See Sawnot rated2:44
3. The House That Jack Builtnot rated2:20
4. Night Time Is The Right Timenot rated4:46
5. I Say A Little Prayernot rated3:33
6. You Send Menot rated2:26
7. My Songnot rated3:31
8. I Take What I Wantnot rated2:31
9. I Can't See Myself Leaving Younot rated3:01
10. Night Life (Live Version)not rated3:43
11. Today I Sing The Bluesnot rated4:24
12. Pitifulnot rated3:02
13. Tracks Of My Tearsnot rated2:54
14. River's Invitationnot rated2:38
15. Share Your Love With Menot rated3:19
16. It Ain't Fairnot rated3:21
17. Sit Down And Crynot rated3:52
18. Honest I Donot rated3:16
19. The Weightnot rated2:53
20. When The Battle Is Overnot rated2:40
21. Eleanor Rigbynot rated2:35
22. One Way Ticketnot rated2:49
23. Call Menot rated3:54
24. Pullin'not rated3:34
1. Son Of A Preacher Mannot rated3:16
2. Try Matty'snot rated2:29
3. The Thrill Is Gone (From Yesterday's Kiss)not rated4:40
4. Dark End Of The Streetnot rated4:42
5. You And Menot rated3:31
6. Let It Benot rated3:30
7. Spirit In The Darknot rated4:01
8. Why I Sing The Bluesnot rated3:05
9. Don't Play That Songnot rated2:59
10. Young, Gifted And Blacknot rated3:33
11. Border Song (Holy Moses)not rated3:20
12. A Brand New Menot rated4:23
13. You're All I Need To Get Bynot rated3:35
14. Spanish Harlemnot rated3:29
15. Rock Steadynot rated3:12
16. Oh Me Oh My (I'm A Fool For You Baby)not rated3:40
17. Day Dreamingnot rated3:58
18. All The King's Horsesnot rated3:53
19. Bridge Over Troubled Waternot rated5:32
20. Angelnot rated4:27
1. Spirit In The Dark (Reprise With Ray Charles)not rated8:14
2. How I Got Overnot rated4:20
3. So Swell When You're Wellnot rated4:16
4. Master Of Eyes (The Deepness Of Your Eyes)not rated3:25
5. Somewherenot rated6:16
6. I'm In Lovenot rated2:49
7. Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thingnot rated3:48
8. Until You Come Back To Me (That's What I'm Gonna Do)not rated3:26
9. Every Natural Thingnot rated2:34
10. Without Lovenot rated3:48
11. With Everything I Feel In Menot rated3:55
12. Mr. D.J. (5 For The D.J.)not rated4:25
13. Look Into Your Heartnot rated4:02
14. Sparklenot rated4:12
15. Rock With Menot rated3:10
16. Break It To Me Gentlynot rated3:21
17. Something He Can Feelnot rated6:18

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