Buddy Guy
The Complete Chess Studio Recordings

Buddy Guy - The Complete Chess Studio Recordings

  • Genre: Blues
  • Format: CD
  • Category: blues
  • Duration: 2:19:07
  • not rated
  • Added February 22, 2010


1. First Time I Met The Bluesnot rated2:19
2. Slop Aroundnot rated2:07
3. I Got My Eyes On Younot rated2:20
4. Broken Hearted Bluesnot rated3:19
5. Let Me Love You Babynot rated2:52
6. I Got A Strange Feelingnot rated3:06
7. Gully Hullynot rated3:06
8. Ten Years Agonot rated2:37
9. Watch Yourselfnot rated4:03
10. Stone Crazynot rated7:11
11. Skippin'not rated3:24
12. I Found A True Lovenot rated6:17
13. Hard But It's Fairnot rated2:23
14. Baby (Baby, Baby, Baby)not rated2:10
15. When My Left Eye Jumpsnot rated3:54
16. That's Itnot rated2:40
17. The Treasure Untoldnot rated2:02
18. American Bandstand (aka American Bandstand Thing)not rated2:02
19. No Lienot rated2:28
20. $100 Billnot rated2:12
21. My Love Is Realnot rated2:37
22. Buddy's Boogienot rated2:37
1. Worried Mind (aka Stick Around)not rated3:58
2. Untitled Instrumentalnot rated1:46
3. Moanin'not rated3:38
4. I Dig Your Wife (unedited)not rated2:28
5. My Time After Awhilenot rated3:00
6. Night Flightnot rated3:19
7. Crazy Love (Crazy Music)not rated2:43
8. Every Girl I Seenot rated3:39
9. Too Many Waysnot rated2:14
10. Leave My Girl Alonenot rated3:27
11. Got To Use Your Headnot rated2:12
12. Keep It To Myself (aka Keep It To Yourself)not rated2:46
13. My Mothernot rated2:35
14. She Suits Me to A Teenot rated2:16
15. Mother-In-Law Bluesnot rated2:43
16. Buddy's Groovenot rated3:44
17. Going To Schoolnot rated3:06
18. I Cry And I Sing The Bluesnot rated3:14
19. Goin' Homenot rated2:41
20. I Suffer With The Bluesnot rated2:46
21. Lip Lap Louienot rated2:21
22. My Time After Awhile (alternate vocal and mix)not rated3:19
23. Too Many Ways (alternate with background vocal)not rated2:16
24. Keep it To Myself (alternate with organ overdub)not rated2:27
25. I Didn't Know My Mother (She Suits Me To A Tee alternative)not rated2:24

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