Jean-Philippe Rameau, Angela Hewitt
Rameau Keyboard Suites

Angela Hewitt - Rameau Keyboard Suites

  • Format: CD
  • Category: classical
  • Duration: 1:18:16
  • not rated
  • Added February 6, 2010


1. Suite in E minor. i Allemandenot rated3:34
2. Suite in E minor. ii Courantenot rated1:48
3. Suite in E minor. iii Gigue en rondeau Inot rated1:28
4. Suite in E minor. iv Gigue en rondeau IInot rated2:44
5. Suite in E minor. v Le rappel des oiseauxnot rated2:37
6. Suite in E minor. vi Rigaudons I and IInot rated2:20
7. Suite in E minor. vii Musette en rondeaunot rated2:45
8. Suite in E minor. viii Tambourinnot rated1:29
9. Suite in E minor. ix La villageoisenot rated2:43
10. Suite in G minor. i Les tricotetsnot rated1:49
11. Suite in G minor. ii L'indifferentenot rated1:54
12. Suite in G minor. iii Menuets I and IInot rated3:31
13. Suite in G minor. iv La poulenot rated4:53
14. Suite in G minor. v Les trioletsnot rated4:46
15. Suite in G minor. vi Les sauvagesnot rated1:53
16. Suite in G minor. vii L'enharmoniquenot rated6:49
17. Suite in G minor. viii L'egiptiennenot rated2:46
18. Suite in A minor. i Allemandenot rated5:04
19. Suite in A minor. ii Courantenot rated3:57
20. Suite in A minor. iii Sarabandenot rated2:19
21. Suite in A minor. iv Les trois mainsnot rated5:10
22. Suite in A minor. v Fanfarinettenot rated2:52
23. Suite in A minor. vi La triomphantenot rated1:30
24. Suite in A minor. vii/1 Gavottenot rated1:41
25. Suite in A minor. vii/2 Double 1not rated0:58
26. Suite in A minor. vii/3 Double 2not rated0:58
27. Suite in A minor. vii/4 Double 3not rated0:58
28. Suite in A minor. vii/5 Double 4not rated0:52
29. Suite in A minor. vii/6 Double 5not rated0:51
30. Suite in A minor. vii/7 Double 6not rated1:00

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