Queen (12 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
QueenA Kind Of MagicCD1986not rated50:28
QueenA Night At The OperaCD1975not rated43:18
QueenGreatest HitsCD1992not rated57:52
QueenGreatest Hits 2CD1991not rated1:15:55
QueenHot SpaceCD1981not rated48:24
QueenJazzCD1978not rated44:49
QueenMade In HeavenCD1995not rated1:10:27
QueenNews Of The WorldCD1977not rated44:31
QueenSheer Heart AttackCD1974not rated41:21
QueenThe GameCD1980not rated35:39
QueenThe MiracleCD1989not rated52:21
QueenThe WorksCD1984not rated55:20