Soundtrack (414 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Original Television SoundtrackCBS - The First 50 YearsCD1998not rated1:03:30
Original Television SoundtrackTelevision's Greatest HitsCDnot rated1:12:16
Original Television SoundtrackTelevision's Greatest Hits - Volume 4 - Black And White ClassicsCD1996not rated1:06:19
Original Television SoundtrackTelevision's Greatest Hits Volume 5 - In Living ColourCD1996not rated1:03:00
Original Television SoundtrackTelevision's Greatest Hits Volume 6 - Remote ControlCD1996not rated1:14:31
Original Television SoundtrackTelevision's Greatest Hits Volume 7 - Cable ReadyCD1996not rated1:12:01
Original Television SoundtrackTelevision's Greatest Hits Volume IICD1986not rated1:13:12
Original Television SoundtrackTelevision's Greatest Hits, Vol. 3 (70's & 80's)CD1987not rated1:13:10
Soundtrack15 Minutes (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)CD2001not rated49:07
Soundtrack1939CDnot rated41:59
Soundtrack20 All-Time Movie Hits Video-Hit-Collection '93CD1993not rated1:07:01
Soundtrack20 Original Soundtracks Vol. 1CD1989not rated1:07:25
Soundtrack20 Original Soundtracks Vol. 2CD1989not rated1:01:21
Soundtrack20 Original Soundtracks Vol. 3CD1989not rated1:01:56
Soundtrack20 Original Soundtracks Vol. 4CD1991not rated1:08:41
Soundtrack2001 - A Space OdysseyCD1996not rated1:18:50
Soundtrack30:e NovemberCDnot rated1:09:14
Soundtrack60 Anni Di Oscar Volume 1CDnot rated58:51
Soundtrack9 1/2 WeeksCD1986not rated41:44
Soundtrack9 millimeterCDnot rated1:03:30
SoundtrackA Bug's LifeCD1998not rated50:54
SoundtrackA Chorus LineCD1985not rated38:25
SoundtrackA Clockwork Orange - Music From The SoundtrackCD1972not rated46:20
SoundtrackAbsolute BeginnersCD1986not rated1:10:46
SoundtrackAce Ventura: Pet Detective - Motion Picture SoundtrackCD1994not rated37:44
SoundtrackAce Ventura: When Nature Calls - Music From The Original Motion PictureCDnot rated47:22
SoundtrackAgainst All OddsCD1984not rated45:36
SoundtrackAidaCD1999not rated1:05:25
SoundtrackAirheads - Original Sountrack AlbumCD2001not rated49:43
SoundtrackAlfred Hitchcock presents... Signatures in SuspenseCDnot rated1:02:34
SoundtrackAll-Time Top 100 TV Themes2CD2005not rated1:47:27
SoundtrackAmadeus - Original Soundtrack Recording Vol. 2 (Neville Marriner - Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields)CD1985not rated53:11
SoundtrackAmadeus - Special edition2CD2002not rated2:37:33
SoundtrackAmerican BeautyCD1999not rated46:26
SoundtrackAmerican History XCD1998not rated48:17
SoundtrackAmerican PsychoCD2000not rated1:04:36
SoundtrackAmistadCD1997not rated55:51
SoundtrackAn Officer And A GentlemanCD1982not rated38:01
SoundtrackAnnie - Original Motion Picture SoundtrackCD1982not rated41:56
SoundtrackApocalypse NowCD1979not rated42:52
SoundtrackApollo 13CD1995not rated1:12:18
SoundtrackArmageddon - The AlbumCD1998not rated56:36
SoundtrackArn TempelriddarenCD2007not rated49:39
SoundtrackCDnot rated1:07:34
SoundtrackAustin PowersCD1997not rated57:30
SoundtrackAustin Powers - The Spy Who Shagged MeCD1999not rated42:30
SoundtrackAustin Powers in GoldmemberCD2002not rated40:01
SoundtrackAutumn In New YorkCDnot rated58:40
SoundtrackBabe: Pig In The CityCD1998not rated41:32
SoundtrackBack To The FutureCD1985not rated38:09
SoundtrackBack To TitanicCD1997not rated1:19:05
SoundtrackBad Boys - Music from the motion pictureCD1995not rated1:04:05
SoundtrackBad InfluenceCD1990not rated54:53
SoundtrackBagdad CafeCD1988not rated46:43
SoundtrackBatman Forever - Music From The Motion PictureCD1995not rated59:35
SoundtrackBaywatchCD1994not rated46:45
SoundtrackBaywatchCD1998not rated1:06:02
SoundtrackBean - The AlbumCD1997not rated54:04
SoundtrackBeautiful ThingCD1996not rated51:32
SoundtrackBegin Again - Motion Picture SoundtrackCD2014not rated55:07
SoundtrackBeing HumanCD1994not rated51:52
SoundtrackBeing John MalkovichCD1999not rated43:10
SoundtrackBetty Blue 37°2 Le MatinCD1986not rated38:40
SoundtrackBeverley Hills Cop II (The Motion Picture Soundtrack)CD1987not rated45:15
SoundtrackBeverly Hills 90210: The SoundtrackCD1991not rated51:38
SoundtrackBeverly Hills CopCD1984not rated39:19
SoundtrackBig DaddyCD1999not rated46:57
SoundtrackBlack RainCD1989not rated48:35
SoundtrackBlackJack - Originalmusiken från filmenCDnot rated43:49
SoundtrackBlankmanCD1994not rated48:45
SoundtrackBlazeCD1990not rated37:03
SoundtrackBlown AwayCDnot rated35:54
SoundtrackBlue VelvetCD1986not rated41:14
SoundtrackBody & SoulCDnot rated59:10
SoundtrackBoys - Original motion picture soundtrackCDnot rated49:51
SoundtrackBram Stoker's DraculaCDnot rated55:07
SoundtrackBridget Jones's DiaryCD2001not rated1:00:02
SoundtrackBridget Jones: The Edge of ReasonCD2004not rated1:10:56
SoundtrackBuffy the Vampire Slayer - Once More, With FeelingCD2002not rated57:33
SoundtrackBuster - The Original Motion Picture SoundtrackCD1988not rated41:04
SoundtrackCSI: Crime Scene Investigation - The SoundtrackCD2002not rated1:15:41
SoundtrackCabaretCDnot rated38:20
SoundtrackCarringtonCD1995not rated1:07:13
SoundtrackCasino2CD1995not rated1:56:16
SoundtrackCat PeopleCD1982not rated35:26
SoundtrackCharlie's AngelsCD2000not rated58:28
SoundtrackCharlie's Angels: Full ThrottleCD2003not rated50:04
SoundtrackChicagoCD2002not rated1:10:15
SoundtrackChicago Hope SoundtrackCDnot rated53:57
SoundtrackChristmas With The Kranks - Original SoundtrackCD2004not rated37:08
SoundtrackCity Of AngelsCD1998not rated1:12:15
SoundtrackCocktailCD1988not rated36:02
SoundtrackComing To AmericaCD1988not rated40:20
SoundtrackCoyote UglyCD2000not rated44:32
SoundtrackCruel IntentionsCD1999not rated1:00:16
SoundtrackCurdledCD1996not rated1:01:29
SoundtrackDancersCD1987not rated44:21
SoundtrackDances With WolvesCD1990not rated53:27
SoundtrackDangerous Minds - Musik from the motion pictureCD1995not rated54:00
SoundtrackDay TripperCD1997not rated1:10:27
SoundtrackDays Of ThunderCD1990not rated51:58
SoundtrackDays of our LivesCDnot rated55:27
SoundtrackDeep Blue SeaCD1999not rated59:22
SoundtrackDesperadoCD1995not rated59:33
SoundtrackCD2000not rated48:27
SoundtrackDetroit Rock CityCD1999not rated57:52
SoundtrackDirty Dancing - Original SoundtrackCD1987not rated39:32
SoundtrackDisneydagsCD1993not rated33:26
SoundtrackDown To YouCD2000not rated43:10
SoundtrackDudesCD1987not rated38:31
SoundtrackDumb And DumberCD1997not rated44:00
SoundtrackDär regnbågen slutarCDnot rated30:15
SoundtrackEDtv - Music From The Motion PictureCD1998not rated57:00
SoundtrackEasy RiderCD1969not rated37:40
SoundtrackElektra - The AlbumCD2005not rated57:19
SoundtrackEmpire RecordsCD1995not rated56:25
SoundtrackEn film om kärlekCD1987not rated43:43
SoundtrackCDnot rated27:57
SoundtrackCDnot rated37:13
SoundtrackEnigmaCD2002not rated56:57
SoundtrackEnkel resaCD1988not rated38:00
SoundtrackCD1998not rated47:33
SoundtrackExit Wounds - The AlbumCD2001not rated1:16:39
SoundtrackEyes Wide Shut - Music From The Motion PictureCD1999not rated57:48
SoundtrackFahrenheit 9/11 Original SoundtrackCD2004not rated1:00:51
SoundtrackFarinelli - La musique du filmCD1994not rated1:00:42
SoundtrackFather Of The Bride Part IICD1995not rated40:47
SoundtrackFelicity - Senior YearCD2002not rated54:54
SoundtrackFierce CreaturesCD1997not rated29:21
SoundtrackFilm Music 2007CD2008not rated54:34
SoundtrackFilm Music 2008CD2009not rated47:53
SoundtrackFilmtracks - The Best of British Film Music2CD1985not rated1:23:10
SoundtrackFlashbackCDnot rated46:28
SoundtrackFlashdance: Original Soundtrack from the Motion PictureCD1983not rated36:41
SoundtrackFledCD1996not rated52:48
SoundtrackFor Love of the Game: Music from the Motion PictureCDnot rated58:01
SoundtrackFor The BoysCD1991not rated37:12
SoundtrackForrest Gump - The Soundtrack2CD1994not rated1:48:03
SoundtrackFour Weddings & A FuneralCD1994not rated59:37
SoundtrackFred ClausCD2007not rated46:44
SoundtrackFree Willy 2: The Advention HomeCDnot rated46:59
SoundtrackFröken SverigeCD2004not rated43:09
SoundtrackCDnot rated1:05:07
SoundtrackFull Metal JacketCD1987not rated41:56
SoundtrackFöre stormenCDnot rated40:00
SoundtrackGRIDLOCK'd The SoundtrackCD1997not rated1:09:42
SoundtrackGeorgiaCDnot rated46:17
SoundtrackGhostCD1990not rated38:39
SoundtrackGhostbustersCD1984not rated55:10
SoundtrackGhostbusters II - Original SoundtrackCD1989not rated44:55
SoundtrackGladiatorCD2000not rated1:01:38
SoundtrackGod WillingCD-Maxi2006not rated12:37
SoundtrackGodzilla - The AlbumCD1998not rated59:11
SoundtrackGood Will HuntingCD1997not rated52:21
SoundtrackGreaseCDnot rated1:03:36
SoundtrackGrease 2CD1982not rated44:02
SoundtrackGreat Expectations: The AlbumCD1998not rated1:05:49
SoundtrackGreat Movie Themes: Play Sam, play... "As time goes by"CDnot rated1:04:34
SoundtrackGreen CardCD1991not rated44:54
SoundtrackGrey's AnatomyCD2005not rated1:00:39
SoundtrackGrey's Anatomy - volume 2CD2006not rated59:07
SoundtrackHa ett underbart livCD1992not rated44:37
SoundtrackHair2CD1979not rated1:18:52
SoundtrackHalalabad BluesCD2002not rated45:06
SoundtrackHannah Montana - The MovieCD2009not rated1:01:21
SoundtrackHiding Out - Original Motion Picture SoundtrackCDnot rated42:11
SoundtrackHigh FidelityCD2000not rated1:05:06
SoundtrackHip Hip Hora!CD2004not rated53:48
SoundtrackHitchCD2005not rated49:14
SoundtrackHome AloneCD1990not rated57:01
SoundtrackHome Alone 2CDnot rated39:37
SoundtrackHome Alone 3 - Music From The Motion PictureCDnot rated40:38
SoundtrackHoodlum - Music Inspired By The Motion PictureCD1997not rated53:34
SoundtrackHookCD1991not rated1:15:22
SoundtrackHouse - Original Television SoundtrackCD2007not rated49:17
SoundtrackHow To Make An American Quilt - Music from the motion pictureCD1995not rated43:24
SoundtrackCD-Maxinot rated14:41
SoundtrackCDnot rated19:31
SoundtrackI Am SamCD2001not rated1:02:08
SoundtrackI Know What You Did Last SummerCD1997not rated53:50
SoundtrackImmortal Beloved - Motion Picture SoundtrackCD1994not rated1:12:30
SoundtrackIn The Name Of The FatherCD1994not rated51:30
SoundtrackIndecent Proposal - Motion Picture SoundtrackCDnot rated56:09
SoundtrackInnerspaceCD1987not rated46:41
SoundtrackInspector MorseCD1991not rated51:09
SoundtrackJackie BrownCD1997not rated51:06
SoundtrackJames Bond: For Your Eyes Only [Remastered Edition]CD1981not rated58:56
SoundtrackJerry MaguireCD1996not rated54:31
SoundtrackJudgement NightCD1993not rated45:52
SoundtrackJust Like HeavenCD2005not rated1:01:57
SoundtrackKidsCD1995not rated41:15
SoundtrackKill Bill Vol. 2 Original SoundtrackCD2004not rated46:21
SoundtrackKill Bill Vol.1CD2003not rated47:15
SoundtrackKingpinCD1996not rated43:43
SoundtrackCDnot rated42:27
SoundtrackCD2004not rated36:50
SoundtrackCDnot rated52:12
SoundtrackLa Vie En Rose (Soundtrack)CD2007not rated1:12:42
SoundtrackCD1991not rated31:07
SoundtrackLa machineCDnot rated41:46
SoundtrackLabyrinthCD1986not rated43:41
SoundtrackLast Action Hero - Music From The Original Motion PictureCD1993not rated55:38
SoundtrackLawrence of ArabiaCD1962not rated37:17
SoundtrackLe Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie PoulainCD2001not rated54:23
SoundtrackLejonkungenCDnot rated42:07
SoundtrackLeonCD1994not rated1:04:06
SoundtrackLeonard Cohen: I'm Your Man (OST)CD2006not rated1:17:56
SoundtrackLes MisérablesCD2012not rated1:05:31
SoundtrackLes VisiteursCD1993not rated44:11
SoundtrackLethal Weapon 3 [Music from the Motion Picture]CD1992not rated39:28
SoundtrackLivvakternaCD2001not rated42:49
SoundtrackLong Journey Home - Original SoundtrackCD1998not rated1:00:42
SoundtrackLove & SexCD2000not rated46:57
SoundtrackLove ActuallyCD2003not rated1:05:41
SoundtrackLustCD-Maxinot rated20:23
SoundtrackM*A*S*HCD1973not rated46:01
SoundtrackMagnolia - Music from The Motion PictureCD1999not rated47:14
SoundtrackMamma Mia! The Movie SoundtrackCD2008not rated1:09:57
SoundtrackMan On The Moon: Music from the Motion PictureCD1999not rated37:08
SoundtrackMarie Antoinette2CD2006not rated1:31:11
SoundtrackCDnot rated20:26
SoundtrackMatrix RevolutionsCDnot rated1:03:30
SoundtrackMaverick - Movie SoundtrackCD1994not rated41:03
SoundtrackMe, Myself & IreneCD2000not rated56:12
SoundtrackMelrose PlaceCD1994not rated40:01
SoundtrackMen In Black - The AlbumCD1997not rated1:06:12
SoundtrackMiami Vice - Music From the Television SeriesCD1985not rated42:55
SoundtrackMiami Vice - Music from the Television SeriesCD1985not rated42:54
SoundtrackMiami Vice II - New music from the Television SeriesCD1986not rated42:54
SoundtrackMiami Vice III - New music from the Television SeriesCD1988not rated39:17
SoundtrackMichael - Music from the motion pictureCD1996not rated38:16
SoundtrackMichael CollinsCD1996not rated47:12
SoundtrackMore Dirty DancingCD1988not rated35:02
SoundtrackMoulin RougeCD2001not rated1:01:25
SoundtrackMoulin Rouge 2CD2002not rated42:52
SoundtrackMr. Holland's OpusCD1995not rated41:58
SoundtrackMuch Ado About NothingCDnot rated59:00
SoundtrackMurder Is My Beat (Classic Film Noir Themes And Scenes)CD1997not rated56:01
SoundtrackMusic From 'Until The End Of The World'CD1991not rated1:09:37
SoundtrackMusic From The Motion Picture Ocean's ElevenCD2001not rated52:03
SoundtrackMusic FromThe OC: Mix 1CD2004not rated51:55
SoundtrackMusic from Brigitte Bardot MoviesCD box setnot rated2:39:28
SoundtrackMusic from Broken FlowersCD2005not rated40:06
SoundtrackMusik från filmen Kärlekens språkCD2004not rated1:08:30
SoundtrackMusik till filmen BeckCD1997not rated59:24
SoundtrackMusik ur filmen Bert - Den siste oskuldenCD1995not rated49:58
SoundtrackMusiken från TV-Serien Livet enligt RosaCD2005not rated1:15:24
SoundtrackMusiken från filmen Cornelis2CD2010not rated1:50:24
SoundtrackMy Best Friend's WeddingCD1997not rated46:49
SoundtrackMy Fellow AmericansCD1996not rated49:23
SoundtrackMy GirlCD1991not rated35:43
SoundtrackNBC: A Soundtrack Of Must See TVCD2003not rated55:00
SoundtrackNaked In New YorkCD1994not rated1:06:18
SoundtrackNatural Born KillersCD1994not rated1:15:37
SoundtrackNext Stop WonderlandCD1998not rated44:15
SoundtrackNikitaCD1990not rated55:14
SoundtrackNoll ToleransCD1999not rated37:46
SoundtrackNot Another Teen Movie - Music From The Motion PictureCD2001not rated41:57
SoundtrackNotting HillCD1999not rated48:36
SoundtrackO Brother, Where Art Thou? - Music From The Motion PictureCD2000not rated1:00:35
SoundtrackOrange County - The Soundtrack2CD2001not rated1:07:37
SoundtrackOrlando - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - David Motion & Sally PotterCD1993not rated43:34
SoundtrackOut ColdCD2001not rated43:07
SoundtrackOut Of AfricaCD1997not rated39:37
SoundtrackOutbreakCD1995not rated30:40
SoundtrackPS - Sista SommarenCD1988not rated49:15
SoundtrackPayback - Motion Picture SoundtrackCD1998not rated36:23
SoundtrackPearl HarborCD2001not rated46:21
SoundtrackPhiladelphia - Music From The Motion PictureCD1993not rated41:06
SoundtrackPi - Music For The Motion PictureCD1998not rated1:10:00
SoundtrackPink CadillacCD1989not rated32:47
SoundtrackPinocchioCD1996not rated1:04:38
SoundtrackPitch Perfect (Ultimate) - Original Motion Picture SoundtrackCD2012not rated1:01:26
SoundtrackPlaying GodCD1997not rated45:19
SoundtrackPoetic JusticeCD1993not rated1:03:49
SoundtrackPopulärmusik från VittulaCDnot rated33:58
SoundtrackPret-a-PorterCD1994not rated1:06:51
SoundtrackPretty WomanCD1990not rated44:14
SoundtrackPulp Fiction - Music From The Motion PictureCD1994not rated41:35
SoundtrackRain ManCD1989not rated40:56
SoundtrackRent - Selections From The Original Motion Picture SoundtrackCD2005not rated1:04:58
SoundtrackReservoir DogsCD1992not rated30:49
SoundtrackRide - Music from the Dimension Motion PictureCD1997not rated1:12:04
SoundtrackRobin Hood - Prince Of ThievesCD1991not rated1:00:24
SoundtrackRock a DoodleCD1991not rated33:41
SoundtrackRocky Balboa - The Best Of RockyCD2006not rated1:05:57
SoundtrackRomeo & JulietCD1997not rated1:05:47
SoundtrackRomeo & JulietCD1968not rated56:18
SoundtrackRunaway BrideCD1999not rated54:57
SoundtrackSalsa - The Motion PictureCD1988not rated44:11
SoundtrackSaturday Night Fever - The Original Movie Soundtrack2CD1977not rated1:16:20
SoundtrackSaved by the BellCD1995not rated26:02
SoundtrackScarfaceCD1983not rated35:20
SoundtrackScary Movie - Music That Inspired The Soundtrack?CD2000not rated59:36
SoundtrackScream 2CD1998not rated1:02:09
SoundtrackSeven Years In TibetCD1997not rated1:05:44
SoundtrackSex And The CityCD2000not rated53:05
SoundtrackShaftCD2000not rated1:14:50
SoundtrackSherdilCDnot rated32:14
SoundtrackSinging In The RainCDnot rated29:20
SoundtrackSinglesCD1992not rated1:05:26
SoundtrackSista dansen - Originalmusiken från långfilmenCDnot rated42:45
SoundtrackSister Act - Music From The Original Motion Picture SoundtrackCD1992not rated46:25
SoundtrackSleeping With The EnemyCDnot rated41:29
SoundtrackSliding Doors - Music From The Motion PictureCD1998not rated55:57
SoundtrackSliver - Music From The Motion PictureCD1993not rated59:06
SoundtrackSmala Sussie - FilmmusikCD2003not rated58:54
SoundtrackCDnot rated42:52
SoundtrackSongs From Dawson's CreekCD1999not rated1:05:54
SoundtrackSongs from Dawson's Creek volume 2CD2000not rated1:10:30
SoundtrackSound Of Music [45th Anniversary]CD1965not rated1:02:18
SoundtrackSpeed - Songs from and inspired by the motion pictureCD1994not rated50:12
SoundtrackSpeed 2 - Cruise ControlCD1997not rated49:00
SoundtrackSpiderman 2CD2004not rated1:08:16
SoundtrackCD Promonot rated24:27
SoundtrackSt. Elmo's Fire SoundtrackCD1985not rated39:21
SoundtrackStand By MeCD1986not rated23:35
SoundtrackStaying AliveCD1983not rated45:48
SoundtrackStephen King's Sleepwalkers - SoundtrackCD1992not rated47:38
SoundtrackStolen HeartsCD1996not rated55:14
SoundtrackCDnot rated39:37
SoundtrackStrandvaskarenCDnot rated1:04:33
SoundtrackStrictly BallroomCD1992not rated42:03
SoundtrackStripteaseCD1996not rated47:29
SoundtrackStudio 542CD1998not rated2:20:49
SoundtrackSubwayCD1985not rated43:23
SoundtrackSurvivorCD2000not rated1:04:07
SoundtrackSweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet StreetCD2007not rated1:11:56
SoundtrackSäg att du älskar migCDnot rated1:05:37
SoundtrackSångerna om BabarCD1995not rated35:34
SoundtrackSökarnaCD1993not rated46:24
SoundtrackCDnot rated37:20
SoundtrackTV Guide 50 All-Time Favorite TV ThemesCD2002not rated55:49
SoundtrackTV Themes AmericaCDnot rated44:26
SoundtrackTaxiCD1998not rated1:06:45
SoundtrackTaxi DriverCD1998not rated1:01:31
SoundtrackTequila SunriseCD1988not rated38:19
SoundtrackThat Thing You Do! (OST)CD1996not rated42:16
SoundtrackThe Aviator - Music from the Motion PictureCD2005not rated55:14
SoundtrackThe Beach - Motion Picture SoundtrackCD2000not rated1:16:21
SoundtrackThe Best Of Hanna-Barbera - Tunes From The ToonsCD1996not rated55:34
SoundtrackThe Best Of Scandinavian Film MusicCD1987not rated1:11:12
SoundtrackThe Big TeaseCD Promo2000not rated57:49
SoundtrackThe Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the WardrobeCD2005not rated1:10:53
SoundtrackThe CrowCD1994not rated1:03:58
SoundtrackThe Da Vinci CodeCD2006not rated1:08:10
SoundtrackThe Doors - Music From The Original Motion PictureCD1991not rated1:12:46
SoundtrackThe Firm - Original Motion Picture SoundtrackCD1993not rated49:43
SoundtrackThe Full Monty (Music from the Motion picture Soundtrack)CD1997not rated45:24
SoundtrackThe GodfatherCD1972not rated31:38
SoundtrackThe Good SonCD1993not rated45:03
SoundtrackThe Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1CD2014not rated50:17
SoundtrackThe Lost BoysCD1987not rated43:49
SoundtrackThe Man Without A PastCD2002not rated51:55
SoundtrackThe Mask of ZorroCD1998not rated1:14:46
SoundtrackThe MatrixCD1999not rated30:11
SoundtrackThe MatrixCD1999not rated1:02:36
SoundtrackThe Mirror Has Two FacesCD1995not rated48:26
SoundtrackThe Music Of Ennio MorriconeCDnot rated1:06:47
SoundtrackThe People vs. Larry Flynt (OST)CD1996not rated54:16
SoundtrackThe Phantom of the Opera (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)CD2004not rated1:03:35
SoundtrackThe Pink PantherCD2006not rated35:11
SoundtrackThe Queen Of Sheba's PearlsCDnot rated46:32
SoundtrackThe Rocky StoryCD1990not rated39:06
SoundtrackThe Rugrats MovieCDnot rated37:58
SoundtrackThe Russia HouseCD1990not rated1:01:33
SoundtrackThe SaintCD1997not rated1:11:11
SoundtrackThe Songs Of AlmodóvarCD1998not rated1:17:26
SoundtrackThe Sopranos - Music from the HBO Original SeriesCD1999not rated54:16
SoundtrackThe Sound of MusicCD1965not rated45:21
SoundtrackThe Stig-Helmer Music StoryCD2011not rated1:16:42
SoundtrackThe StingCD1974not rated37:38
SoundtrackThe Tarantino ConnectionCDnot rated53:44
SoundtrackThe Thomas Crown AffairCD1999not rated37:49
SoundtrackThe Three MusketeersCD1993not rated42:45
SoundtrackThe Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1CD2011not rated1:01:31
SoundtrackThe WarCD1994not rated1:03:12
SoundtrackThe Wedding SingerCD1998not rated58:01
SoundtrackThe Wonder YearsCD1989not rated45:12
SoundtrackThe WoodCD1999not rated1:17:28
SoundtrackThelma & LouiseCD1991not rated49:26
SoundtrackThere's No Business Like Show BusinessCD1954not rated59:19
SoundtrackThere's Something About MaryCD1998not rated43:22
SoundtrackThings To Come - Original Film Music Themes 1935-1947CDnot rated1:00:21
SoundtrackThings To Do In Denver When You're DeadCD1995not rated44:24
SoundtrackTitanic - Music from the Motion PictureCD1997not rated1:12:29
SoundtrackTomb Raider - Music from the motion pictureCD2001not rated1:12:21
SoundtrackTop GunCD1986not rated38:43
SoundtrackTouched by an Angel - The AlbumCD1998not rated1:11:14
SoundtrackToys - SoundtrackCD1992not rated47:21
SoundtrackTrainspottingCD1996not rated1:15:36
SoundtrackTrue RomanceCD1993not rated46:58
SoundtrackUn Indien Dans La VilleCDnot rated50:28
SoundtrackUniversal Presents Golden AwardsCDnot rated43:19
SoundtrackUrban LegendCD1993not rated35:51
SoundtrackVirtuosityCDnot rated1:11:08
SoundtrackVuxna människorCDnot rated58:40
SoundtrackWaiting To Exhale - Original Soundtrack AlbumCD1995not rated1:13:00
SoundtrackWalk The Line - Original Motion Picture SoundtrackCD2005not rated41:46
SoundtrackWayne's World - Music From The Motion PictureCD1992not rated55:03
SoundtrackWayne's World 2CD1993not rated55:38
SoundtrackWest Side StoryCD1965not rated51:18
SoundtrackWhat Women WantCD2000not rated44:09
SoundtrackWhen Harry Met SallyCD1989not rated38:25
SoundtrackWild At HeartCD1990not rated51:04
SoundtrackWild OrchidCD1990not rated1:10:40
SoundtrackWild Wild West - Music Inspired by the motion pictureCD1999not rated1:01:41
SoundtrackWilliam Shakespeare's Romeo & JulietCD1996not rated51:09
SoundtrackWillowCD1988not rated1:13:15
SoundtrackWith HonorsCD1994not rated48:54
SoundtrackWoman On TopCD2000not rated48:56
SoundtrackWorking GirlCD1989not rated37:22
SoundtrackWorking GirlCD1988not rated37:22
SoundtrackZingoCD1998not rated53:02