YES (45 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
YES1969: Yes [2003: Expanded & Remastered]CD1969not rated1:19:48
YES1970: Time And A Word [2003: Expanded & Remastered]CD1970not rated1:00:07
YES1971: The Yes Album [2014: Definitive Edition]CD+DVD1971not rated2:19:08
YES1972: Fragile [2015: Definitive Edition]CD+DVD1972not rated2:09:07
YES1972; Close To The Edge [2013: Definitive Edition]CD+DVD1972not rated2:43:17
YES1973: Tales From Topographic Oceans [2016: Definitive Edition]2CD+2DVD1973not rated3:23:19
YES1973: YessongsDVD1973not rated1:10:16
YES1973: Yessongs2CD1973not rated2:09:57
YES1974: Relayer [2014: Definitive Edition]CD+DVD1974not rated2:09:40
YES1974; YesterdaysCD1974not rated45:35
YES1977: Going For The One [2003: Expanded & Remastered]CD1977not rated1:19:43
YES1978: Tormato [2004: Expanded & Remastered]CD1978not rated1:19:48
YES1980: Drama [2004: Expanded & Remastered]CD1980not rated1:19:14
YES1980: YesShows2CD1980not rated1:18:54
YES1983: 90125 [2004: Expanded & Remastered]CD1983not rated1:17:12
YES1985: 9012 Live The Solos [Expanded]CD1985not rated46:52
YES1985: 9012LiveDVD1985not rated1:12:12
YES1987: Big GeneratorCD1987not rated43:36
YES1991: Greatest Video HitsDVD1991not rated1:13:17
YES1991: UnionCD1991not rated1:09:55
YES1994: TalkCD1994not rated55:00
YES1996: Keys To Ascension2CD1996not rated1:56:05
YES1997: Keys To Ascension 22CD1997not rated1:41:51
YES1997: Something's Coming - The BBC Recordings 1969-19702CD1997not rated1:35:39
YES1999: The LadderCD1999not rated1:00:27
YES2000: House Of Yes - Live From House Of BluesDVD2000not rated1:52:11
YES2000: House Of Yes - Live From House Of Blues2CD2000not rated1:51:31
YES2001: MagnificationCD2001not rated1:00:32
YES2002: Live In Philadelphia 1979DVD2002not rated44:23
YES2002: Symphonic LiveDVD2002not rated2:47:45
YES2002: Symphonic LiveCD2002not rated1:16:43
YES2004: Songs From Tsongas - 35th Anniversary Concert2DVD2004not rated2:52:23
YES2004: Yes Acoustic - Guaranteed No HissDVD2004not rated36:17
YES2005: Live At Q.P.R. 1975, vol. 1DVD2005not rated1:22:16
YES2005: Live At Q.P.R. 1975, vol. 2DVD2005not rated1:06:25
YES2005: The Word Is Live3CD2005not rated3:49:57
YES2007: Live At Montreux 20032CD2007not rated2:08:58
YES2007: Live At Montreux 2003DVD2007not rated2:15:33
YES2011: Fly From HereCD2011not rated47:32
YES2011: In The Present - Live From Lyon2CD+DVD2011not rated3:00:40
YES2011: Union LiveDVD2011not rated1:58:08
YES2011: Union Live2CD2011not rated1:50:32
YES2014: Songs From Tsongas - 35th Anniversary Concert3CD2014not rated2:38:48
YES2015: Like It Is - At The Bristol Hippodrome2CD+DVD2015not rated3:04:57
YES2015: Progeny: Highlights From Seventy-Two2CD2015not rated1:36:50