Eleni KARAINDROU (12 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Eleni KARAINDROU1991: Music For FilmsCD1991not rated44:31
Eleni KARAINDROU1992: The Suspended Step Of The StorkCD1992not rated35:55
Eleni KARAINDROU1995: Ulysses' GazeCD1995not rated59:41
Eleni KARAINDROU1996: Rosa/WanderingCD1996not rated40:43
Eleni KARAINDROU1998: Eternity And A DayCD1998not rated46:35
Eleni KARAINDROU2002: Trojan WomenCD2002not rated50:00
Eleni KARAINDROU2004: The Weeping MeadowCD2004not rated44:03
Eleni KARAINDROU2006: Elegy Of The Uprooting2CD2006not rated1:33:23
Eleni KARAINDROU2009: Dust Of Time - Music for the film by Theo AngelopoulosCD2009not rated46:02
Eleni KARAINDROU2013: Concert In AthensCD2013not rated54:28
Eleni KARAINDROU2014: MedeaCD2014not rated45:16
Eleni KARAINDROUTous des oiseauxCD2019not rated58:23