DIRE STRAITS (11 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
DIRE STRAITS1978: Dire StraitsCD1978not rated41:52
DIRE STRAITS1979: CommuniquéCD1979not rated42:44
DIRE STRAITS1980: Making MoviesCD1980not rated38:30
DIRE STRAITS1982: Love Over GoldCD1982not rated41:12
DIRE STRAITS1984: Alchemy2CD1984not rated1:34:04
DIRE STRAITS1984: Alchemy LiveDVD1984not rated1:30:11
DIRE STRAITS1985: Brothers In ArmsCD1985not rated55:15
DIRE STRAITS1991: On Every StreetCD1991not rated1:00:35
DIRE STRAITS1993: On The NightDVD1993not rated1:33:55
DIRE STRAITS1995: Live At The BBCCD1995not rated46:02
DIRE STRAITS1996: On The NightCD1996not rated1:15:30