Bob DYLAN (30 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Bob DYLAN1962: Bob DylanCD1962not rated37:02
Bob DYLAN1963: The Freewheelin' Bob DylanCD1963not rated50:18
Bob DYLAN1964: Another Side Of Bob DylanCD1964not rated50:50
Bob DYLAN1964: The Times They Are A-Changin'CD1964not rated45:41
Bob DYLAN1965: Bringing It All Back HomeCD1965not rated47:19
Bob DYLAN1965: Highway 61 RevisitedCD1965not rated51:32
Bob DYLAN1966: Blonde On BlondeCD1966not rated1:13:01
Bob DYLAN1974: Before The Flood2CD1974not rated1:32:31
Bob DYLAN1974: Blood On The TracksCD1974not rated51:39
Bob DYLAN1974: Planet WavesCD1974not rated42:10
Bob DYLAN1975: DesireCD1975not rated56:15
Bob DYLAN1975: The Basement Tapes2CD1975not rated1:17:31
Bob DYLAN1978: At Budokan2CD1978not rated1:42:58
Bob DYLAN1978: Street-LegalCD1978not rated50:26
Bob DYLAN1979: Slow Train ComingCD1979not rated47:00
Bob DYLAN1983: InfidelsCD1983not rated42:15
Bob DYLAN1985: Biograph3CD1985not rated3:36:55
Bob DYLAN1989: Oh MercyCD1989not rated39:01
Bob DYLAN1991: The Bootleg Series 1-3 Rare & Unreleased 1961-19913CD1991not rated3:51:00
Bob DYLAN1992: Good As I Been To YouCD1992not rated55:31
Bob DYLAN1993: World Gone WrongCD1993not rated43:56
Bob DYLAN1997: Time Out Of MindCD1997not rated1:12:50
Bob DYLAN1998: The Bootleg Series vol. 4: Live 1966 - The 'Royal Albert Hall' Concert2CD1998not rated1:35:19
Bob DYLAN2001: Love And TheftCD2001not rated57:30
Bob DYLAN2002: The Bootleg Series vol. 5: Live 1975 - The Rolling Thunder Revue2CD2002not rated1:41:54
Bob DYLAN2004: The Bootleg Series vol. 6: Live 1964 - Concert At Philharmonic Hall2CD2004not rated1:44:12
Bob DYLAN2005: The Bootleg Series vol. 7: No Direction Home - The Soundtrack2CD2005not rated2:24:32
Bob DYLAN2006: Modern TimesCD2006not rated1:02:46
Bob DYLAN2009: Together Through LifeCD2009not rated45:31
Bob DYLANb: 1962, Documents of Bob DylanCDnot rated35:17