Joe Hisaishi (56 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Joe HisaishiAmerican In ParisCDnot rated56:52
Joe HisaishiAsian X.T.C.CD2006not rated50:29
Joe HisaishiBest SelectionCD12/22/1999not rated
Joe HisaishiDollsCD2002not rated21:35
Joe HisaishiETUDE ?a Wish to the Moon?CD2003not rated40:01
Joe HisaishiFreedom - Piano Stories 4CD2005not rated40:03
Joe HisaishiHana-BiCD1998not rated42:18
Joe HisaishiHonoo no Alpenrose SymphonyCD2000not rated34:39
Joe HisaishiHowl's Moving CastleCD2004not rated1:09:05
Joe HisaishiHowl's Moving Castle - Image AlbumCD2004not rated48:49
Joe HisaishiKids ReturnCD1996not rated39:48
Joe HisaishiKiki's Delivery Service - Hi-tech SeriesCD1996not rated43:41
Joe HisaishiKiki's Delivery Service Soundtrack Music CollectionCD1989not rated41:42
Joe HisaishiKiki's Delivery Service ~ Image AlbumCD1989not rated43:45
Joe HisaishiKikujiroCD1999not rated40:15
Joe HisaishiLaputa - Castle In The Sky (USA Version)CD2002not rated1:00:56
Joe HisaishiLaputa - The Castle in the Sky Image AlbumCD1986not rated40:35
Joe HisaishiLaputa: The Castle in the Sky SoundtrackCD1986not rated39:24
Joe HisaishiLaputa: The Castle in the Sky Symphony VersionCD1987not rated37:31
Joe HisaishiLe Mecano de la GeneralCDnot rated1:02:44
Joe HisaishiLittle Tom ThumbCD2001not rated58:11
Joe HisaishiLive Best 2003CD2003not rated55:39
Joe HisaishiMibu GishidenCD2002not rated40:22
Joe HisaishiMononoke Hime (Princess Mononoke) OSTCD1997not rated1:04:15
Joe HisaishiMy Neighbor Totoro - Hi-tech SeriesCD1990not rated42:02
Joe HisaishiMy Neighbor Totoro - Image Song CollectionCDnot rated38:39
Joe HisaishiMy Neighbor Totoro OSTCD1998not rated45:17
Joe HisaishiMy Neighbor Totoro Sound BookCDnot rated37:59
Joe HisaishiNAUSICA'A Image AlbumCD1985not rated42:19
Joe HisaishiNAUSICAA - Image AlbumCD1985not rated42:39
Joe HisaishiNAUSICAA Symphony VersionCD1987not rated40:00
Joe HisaishiNausicaa Best CollectionCDnot rated1:12:53
Joe HisaishiNostalgia - Piano Stories IIICD1998not rated43:14
Joe HisaishiOrchestra Stories Tonari No TotoroCD2002not rated48:46
Joe HisaishiOuke no Monshou (Royal Crest)CDnot rated25:09
Joe HisaishiPiano StoriesCD1992not rated46:12
Joe HisaishiPorco Rosso - The Crimson Pig - SoundtrackCD1992not rated49:48
Joe HisaishiPorco Rosso Image AlbumCD1992not rated41:18
Joe HisaishiPrincess Mononoke Symphonic SuiteCD2001not rated47:26
Joe HisaishiPsycho Horror NightCD2006**** 1/21:01:39
Joe HisaishiQUARTETCD2001not rated41:22
Joe HisaishiSonatineCD1993not rated51:18
Joe HisaishiSpirited Away (Image Album)CD2001not rated37:20
Joe HisaishiSpirited Away ED SingleCD2001not rated11:17
Joe HisaishiSpirited Away OSTCD2002not rated1:00:42
Joe HisaishiThe Best CollectionCDnot rated1:03:30
Joe HisaishiThe Sun Also RisesCD2007not rated54:05
Joe HisaishiThe Wind of Life - PIANO STORIES IICD1996not rated44:54
Joe HisaishiTonari no TotoroCDnot rated38:52
Joe HisaishiVenus WarsCD1989not rated39:22
Joe HisaishiWelcome to DongmakgolCDnot rated57:40
Joe HisaishiWorks ICD1997not rated49:55
Joe HisaishiWorks IICDnot rated1:08:33
Joe HisaishiWorld DreamsCDnot rated
Joe HisaishiWorld DreamsCD2004not rated53:07
Joe HisaishiYamatoCD2005not rated1:18:55