Sweet Emma Barrett
And Her New Orleans Music

Sweet Emma Barrett - And Her New Orleans Music

  • Release date: 11/1/1994
  • Format: CD
  • Category: jazz
  • not rated
  • Added October 24, 2018


1. A Good Man Is Hard To Findnot rated0:00
2. None Of My Jelly Rollnot rated0:00
3. Big Butter & Egg Mannot rated0:00
4. That's A Plentynot rated0:00
5. Bogalousa Strutnot rated0:00
6. Breezenot rated0:00
7. Pagan Love Songnot rated0:00
8. Take Me Out To The Ball Gamenot rated0:00
9. Of All The Wrong You've Done To Menot rated0:00
10. Bill Baleynot rated0:00
11. Long Way To Tripperarynot rated0:00
12. Bye & Byenot rated0:00
13. Closer Walk With Theenot rated0:00
14. When I Grow Too Old To Dreamnot rated0:00
15. Just A Little While To Stay Herenot rated0:00
16. The Eyes Of Texasnot rated0:00

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