Wes Montgomery (8 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Wes MontgomeryBoss GuitarMP31991not rated1:10:17
Wes MontgomeryEchoes of Indiana AvenueMP32012not rated52:30
Wes MontgomeryFar WesCD1959***52:01
Wes MontgomeryFull HouseCD2007*** 1/21:03:57
Wes MontgomeryIn Paris: The Definitive ORTF RecordingMP32018not rated1:42:50
Wes MontgomeryIn the BeginningMP32015****2:15:49
Wes MontgomeryOne Night In IndyM4A2016not rated41:41
Wes MontgomeryThe Incredible Jazz Guitar Of Wes MontgomeryCD1960****43:55