Sonny Rollins (49 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Sonny Rollins+ 3CD1995***55:57
Sonny RollinsA Night at the Village Vanguard, Vol. 1CD1957****57:40
Sonny RollinsA Night at the Village Vanguard, Vol. 2CD1957****1:09:13
Sonny RollinsDancing in the DarkM4A1988***43:24
Sonny RollinsEast Broadway Run DownCD1995*** 1/238:24
Sonny RollinsFalling In Love With JazzCD1990***46:53
Sonny RollinsG-ManM4A1986*** 1/244:42
Sonny RollinsGlobal WarmingCD1998*** 1/250:18
Sonny RollinsHere's To The PeopleCD1991***54:39
Sonny RollinsHolding the Stage (Road Shows, Vol. 4)CD2016**** 1/21:13:05
Sonny RollinsHorn CultureM4A1973**47:51
Sonny RollinsLove At First SightMP31980***36:36
Sonny RollinsMoving OutFLAC1954***31:37
Sonny RollinsNewk's TimeCD1957****34:29
Sonny RollinsNext AlbumMP31972***43:15
Sonny RollinsNo ProblemMP31981not rated36:35
Sonny RollinsNucleusMP31975**41:16
Sonny RollinsOld FlamesMP31993***56:05
Sonny RollinsOn ImpulseCD1965*** 1/234:31
Sonny RollinsOn the OutsideM4A1995**** 1/21:01:49
Sonny RollinsOur Man in JazzIn Comp2001*****49:02
Sonny RollinsPlus 4CD1956*** 1/232:23
Sonny RollinsRoad Shows, Vol. 1CD2008*****1:11:37
Sonny RollinsRoad Shows, Vol. 2CD2011**** 1/21:06:14
Sonny RollinsRoad Shows, Vol. 3CD2014*****1:12:52
Sonny RollinsRollins Plays For BirdMP31956*** 1/243:26
Sonny RollinsSaxophone ColossusCD1956*****40:03
Sonny RollinsSilver City: A Celebration of 25 Years on MilestoneCD box set1998****2:18:43
Sonny RollinsSonny BoyFLAC1956not rated39:12
Sonny RollinsSonny Rollins with the Modern Jazz QuartetCD1951** 1/237:21
Sonny RollinsSonny Rollins, Vol. 1CD1956***40:59
Sonny RollinsSonny Rollins, Vol. 2CD1957*** 1/240:54
Sonny RollinsSonny, PleaseMP32006not rated1:09:57
Sonny RollinsSunny Days, Starry NightsMP31984***38:58
Sonny RollinsTenor MadnessCD1956****35:23
Sonny RollinsThe BridgeCD1962*** 1/240:42
Sonny RollinsThe Complete Prestige RecordingsMP31992not rated8:22:57
Sonny RollinsThe Complete RCA Victor RecordingsCD box set1997*** 1/25:46:45
Sonny RollinsThe Essential Sonny Rollins On RiversideMP32001***1:01:13
Sonny RollinsThe Freelance Years - The Complete Riverside & Contemporary RecordingsCD box set2000not rated5:58:43
Sonny RollinsThe Prestige YearsCD box set2014not rated5:15:54
Sonny RollinsThe Solo AlbumMP32006not rated1:00:51
Sonny RollinsThe Sound of SonnyM4A1957*** 1/243:29
Sonny RollinsThis Is What I DoMP32000****48:24
Sonny RollinsTour De ForceFLAC1956****46:30
Sonny RollinsWay Out WestCD1957*** 1/21:10:41
Sonny RollinsWhat's NewCD1962***43:31
Sonny RollinsWorktimeFLAC1955*** 1/235:46
Sonny Rollins TrioLive in Europe 1959: Complete RecordingsCD box set2016not rated2:58:51