SFJazz Collective (11 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
SFJazz CollectiveInaugural Season Live 2004CD box set2004*** 1/22:38:39
SFJazz CollectiveLive 2005 - 2nd Annual Concert Tour2CD2005not rated2:10:46
SFJazz CollectiveLive 2006 - 3rd Annual Concert Tour2CD2006not rated2:24:41
SFJazz CollectiveLive 2007 - 4th Annual Concert Tour2CD2007not rated2:21:24
SFJazz CollectiveLive 2008 - 5th Annual Concert Tour2CD2008**** 1/22:54:18
SFJazz CollectiveLive 2009 - 6th Annual Concert Tour2CD2009not rated2:24:22
SFJazz CollectiveLive 2010 - 7th Annual Concert TourCD box set2011****2:45:47
SFJazz CollectiveLive: SFJAZZ Center 2017MP32018not rated2:15:12
SFJazz CollectiveMusic of Antônio Carlos Jobim & Original CompositionsFLAC2019not rated2:07:47
SFJazz CollectiveMusic of Miles Davis & Original Compositions Live: SFJazz Center 2016MP32017****2:18:54
SFJazz CollectiveThe Music of Joe Henderson and Original Compositions Live: SFJazz Center October 23 Through 26, 2014M4A2015****2:08:57