Miles Davis (78 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Miles Davis'58 SessionsCD1958not rated1:04:21
Miles Davis'Round About MidnightCD1956*** 1/239:05
Miles DavisAmandlaCD1989*** 1/243:26
Miles DavisAscenseur Pour L'EchafaudCD1958****1:13:52
Miles DavisAt Newport 1958CD1958****40:18
Miles DavisAvignon-The Last ConcertMP31995not rated1:44:22
Miles DavisBags GrooveIn Comp1955not rated46:11
Miles DavisBig Fun2CD1974not rated2:22:31
Miles DavisBirth Of The CoolCD1949****35:50
Miles DavisBitches BrewCD box set1969****1:33:57
Miles DavisBlue HazeIn Comp1988not rated36:15
Miles DavisBlue MoodsIn Comp1990not rated26:40
Miles DavisChronicleCD box set1951not rated9:10:35
Miles DavisCollectors' ItemsIn Comp1987not rated43:07
Miles DavisCookin' At The Plugged NickelCD1965****57:09
Miles DavisDark Magus2CD1974*** 1/21:40:58
Miles DavisDigIn Comp1951not rated45:38
Miles DavisDoo-BopCD1992***40:04
Miles DavisE.S.P.In Comp10/6/1998****50:00
Miles DavisFilles de KilimanjaroCD1969not rated1:11:18
Miles DavisFillmore West 4/10/1970MP31970not rated1:19:22
Miles DavisFour & More - Recorded Live In ConcertIn Comp1966not rated54:11
Miles DavisHighlights from The Plugged NickelCD1995not rated1:13:17
Miles DavisIn A Silent WayCD1969****37:55
Miles DavisIn Person - Friday Night At The Blackhawk2CD1961*** 1/21:57:31
Miles DavisIn Person - Saturday Night At The Blackhawk2CD1961*** 1/22:03:52
Miles DavisJack JohnsonCD4/21/1990not rated52:51
Miles DavisKind Of BlueCD1959*****54:36
Miles DavisLive Around The WorldCD1996not rated1:10:44
Miles DavisLive EvilCD1971not rated1:41:53
Miles DavisLive at the 1963 Monterey Jazz FestivalMP31963**** 1/250:07
Miles DavisMilesIn Comp2001not rated33:59
Miles DavisMiles AheadCD1957****37:00
Miles DavisMiles Davis And The Modern Jazz GiantsIn Comp1989not rated41:58
Miles DavisMiles Davis and HornsIn Comp1951not rated33:38
Miles DavisMiles Davis in EuropeIn Comp1964****1:20:10
Miles DavisMiles SmilesIn Comp1998****41:22
Miles DavisMiles in BerlinIn Comp1969not rated57:23
Miles DavisMiles in The SkyIn Comp1998***1:11:49
Miles DavisMiles in TokyoIn Comp1969not rated52:57
Miles DavisMilestonesCD1958****47:55
Miles DavisMy Funny Valentine - Miles Davis In ConcertIn Comp1965*** 1/21:03:03
Miles DavisNefertitiIn Comp1998*** 1/21:05:38
Miles DavisOn The CornerCD1993not rated54:39
Miles DavisPorgy and BessCD1958****50:49
Miles DavisRubberbandCD2019not rated1:01:47
Miles DavisSeven Steps To HeavenIn Comp1963***57:06
Miles DavisSeven Steps: The Complete Columbia Recordings Of Miles Davis 1963-1964CD box set2004not rated7:08:04
Miles DavisSketches of SpainCD1960*** 1/241:33
Miles DavisSomeday My Prince Will ComeCD1999not rated54:39
Miles DavisSorcererCD1998*** 1/253:07
Miles DavisThe Bootleg Series, Vol. 1 - Live in Europe 1967CD box set2011*****4:22:38
Miles DavisThe Bootleg Series, Vol. 3 - Miles at the FillmoreCD box set2014not rated4:10:34
Miles DavisThe Bootleg Series, Vol. 4 - Miles Davis at Newport: 1955-1975CD box set2015****4:55:53
Miles DavisThe Columbia Years 1955-1985CD box set1988not rated4:18:16
Miles DavisThe Complete Birth Of The CoolCD1998not rated1:19:11
Miles DavisThe Complete Columbia Studio Recordings 1965-1968CD box set1996*****7:21:13
Miles DavisThe Lost QuintetFLAC2019not rated58:11
Miles DavisThe Musings of MilesIn Comp1988not rated35:29
Miles DavisTutuCD1986***42:21
Miles DavisVolume 1CD1954*** 1/258:20
Miles DavisVolume 2CD1954*** 1/239:30
Miles DavisWater BabiesCD1967not rated1:03:10
Miles Davis All StarsWalkin'In Comp1998not rated37:46
Miles Davis QuintetCookin'In Comp1956****33:35
Miles Davis QuintetOlympia 11 Octobre 1960, Pt. 1MP32012not rated59:56
Miles Davis QuintetOlympia 11 Octobre 1960, Pt. 2MP32012not rated58:29
Miles Davis QuintetOlympia 20 Mars 1960, Pt. 1MP31999not rated45:11
Miles Davis QuintetOlympia 20 Mars 1960, Pt. 2MP31999not rated40:38
Miles Davis QuintetRelaxin'In Comp1956****35:46
Miles Davis QuintetSteamin'In Comp2007****39:50
Miles Davis QuintetThe Bootleg Series, Vol. 2 - Live in Europe 1969CD box set2013not rated3:43:16
Miles Davis QuintetThe Bootleg Series, Vol. 5 - Freedom Jazz DanceCD box set2016*****3:14:00
Miles Davis QuintetThe Bootleg Series, Vol. 6 - The Final TourCD box set2018not rated3:40:57
Miles Davis QuintetThe Miles Davis Quintet featuring John Coltrane: Stockholm 1960MP31960not rated1:20:52
Miles Davis QuintetWorkin'In Comp1956*** 1/242:18
Miles Davis SeptetMiles Davis in Poland, Warsaw 1983MP32008not rated2:21:27
The Miles Davis Quintet featuring John ColtraneAll of You: The Last Tour 1960CD2014not rated4:56:36