Sonic Youth (11 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Sonic YouthA Thousand LeavesCD1998not rated1:14:03
Sonic YouthBad Moon RisingCD1985not rated53:10
Sonic YouthConfusion Is Sex Plus Kill Yr. IdolsCD1983not rated51:16
Sonic YouthDaydream NationCD1988not rated1:10:51
Sonic YouthDirtyCD1992not rated59:05
Sonic YouthGooCD1990**** 1/249:54
Sonic YouthMade in USACD1988not rated42:45
Sonic YouthNYC Ghosts & FlowersCD2000not rated42:25
Sonic YouthScreaming Fields of Sonic LoveCD1995not rated1:16:28
Sonic YouthSonic NurseCD2004not rated1:00:22
Sonic Youthcorporate ghost - The Videos: 1990-2002DVD2004****2:34:34