Prince (20 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Prince1999CD1982not rated1:02:16
PrinceComeCD1994not rated48:43
PrinceControversyCD1981not rated37:16
PrinceCrystal BallCD Box Set1997not rated3:12:52
PrinceDirty MindCD1980not rated30:16
PrinceEmancipationCD Box Set1996not rated3:00:00
PrinceHys Royal BadnessCD1990not rated1:16:06
PrinceJewels from the VaultCD1992not rated1:02:47
PrinceLive at the Aladdin Las VegasDVD2003not rated
PrinceLive in U.S.A. 1982CD1990not rated1:08:29
PrinceMusicologyCD2004not rated47:51
PrinceRave Un2 the Joy FantasticCD1999not rated1:10:02
PrinceRave Un2 the Year 2000DVD2000not rated
PrinceRock 2 the Flow2CD1/1/2001not rated1:50:01
PrinceSign 'O' the TimesDVD1987not rated
PrinceSign o' the Times2CD1987not rated1:19:58
PrinceThe Hits / The B-SidesCD Box Set1993not rated3:47:02
PrinceThe Hits CollectionDVD2000*****
PrinceUltimate PrincenCD2006****2:36:33
o(+>The Gold ExperienceCD1995*** 1/21:05:20