R.E.M. (17 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
R.E.M.Around the SunCD2004***55:21
R.E.M.Automatic for the PeopleCD1992not rated48:51
R.E.M.Dead Letter OfficeCD1987not rated1:03:49
R.E.M.GreenCD1988not rated41:00
R.E.M.LiveCD/DVD2007not rated3:24:45
R.E.M.MonsterCD1994not rated49:16
R.E.M.MurmurCD1983not rated44:11
R.E.M.New Adventures in Hi-FiCD1996****1:05:31
R.E.M.Out of TimeCD1991****44:09
R.E.M.Perfect SquareCD2003not rated2:23:05
R.E.M.R.E.M. in the Attic - Alternative Recordings 1985 - 1989CD1997not rated50:09
R.E.M.RevealCD2001not rated
R.E.M.Road MovieDVD1996not rated
R.E.M.The Best of R.E.M.CD1991not rated59:27
R.E.M.TourfilmDVD1990not rated
R.E.M.UpCD1998not rated1:04:31
R.E.M.When the Light Is Mine - The Best of the I.R.S. Years - 1982 - 1987 - Video CollectionDVD2006*** 1/2