Various artists
More Monty

Various artists - More Monty

  • Release date: 1998
  • Genre: Pop/Disco
  • Format: CD
  • Category: soundtrack
  • Duration: 1:08:37
  • not rated
  • Added March 24, 2002


1. Odyssey, Lamont Dozier - Going Back to My Rootsnot rated5:26
2. First Choice, Alan Fender; Norman Harris - Armed and Extremely Dangerousnot rated2:47
3. Karen Young, Andy Kahn; Kurt Borusiewicz - Not Shot - Long Single Versionnot rated4:31
4. Vicki Sue Robinson, Gerald Jackson; Peter Jackson - Turn the Beat Aroundnot rated3:24
5. Main Ingredient, Robert Michael Williams - Everybody Plays the Foolnot rated3:20
6. Andrea True Connection, Gregory Diamond - More More Morenot rated3:00
7. Dr. Buzzard's Original Savanna Band, Stony Browder; August Darnell - Cherchez la Femmenot rated5:41
8. The Boys Town Gang, Bob Crewe; Bob Gaudio - Can't Take My Eyes Off of Younot rated6:13
9. Evelyn King, John Henry Fitch; Reuben Cross - Shamenot rated3:48
10. Baccara, Rolf Soja; Frank Dostal - Yes Sir, I Can Boogienot rated4:33
11. GQ, Herbert Lane; Emanuel LeBlanc; Keith Cryer; Paul Service - Disco Night (Rock Freak)not rated3:54
12. Phyllis Hyman, James Mtume; Reginald Lucas - You Know How to Love Menot rated7:36
13. First Choice, Alan Fender; Norman Harris - The Player - Classic 12"not rated8:47
14. Anne Dudley, Anne Duddley - A Long Talk about Dancing'not rated3:26
15. Anne Dudley, Anne Duddley - A Short Talk about Suicidenot rated2:02

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