Various artists
Mystery Men

Various artists - Mystery Men

  • Release date: 1999
  • Genre: Pop
  • Format: CD
  • Category: soundtrack
  • Duration: 51:19
  • not rated
  • Added September 9, 2002


1. John Oszajca, John Oszajca - Back in 1999not rated3:45
2. Smash Mouth, Greg Camp - All Starnot rated3:19
3. Dub Pistols, *; A. Dewalt; B. Ashworth; H. Fuqua; J. O'Bryan; TK Lawrence; W. Woods - Keep Keep Movin'not rated3:42
4. Mark Mothersbaugh; Nancye Ferguson; Terry Bradford; Wil Wheaton, Mark Mothersbaugh - The Mystery Men Mantranot rated4:10
5. Freak Power, *; A. Darnell; A. Slater; D. Bullock; L. Waters; K. Nance; N. Cook; V. Romeo - No Waynot rated4:14
6. Kel; The M.A.F.T. Emcees; Ramaine Jones, *; K. Mitchell; Kenny Blank; Wade J. Robson - Who Are Those Mystery Mennot rated4:08
7. Jill Sobule, Jill Sobule; Robin Eaton - Rainy Day Paradenot rated3:05
8. Michael Franti; Spearhead, Michael Franti - Sometimesnot rated3:47
9. Spy, Joshua "Spy"Ralph - Won't You Come Downnot rated4:04
10. Citizen King, *; J. Brandbury; J. Dammers; L. Golding; N. Staples; R. Byers; S. Panter; T. Hal - Gangstersnot rated2:43
11. Violent Femmes, *; B. Duffy; D. Greenfield; J. J. Burnel; H. Cornwell - No More Heroesnot rated2:54
12. Moloko, *; M. Brydon; R. Murphy - Indigonot rated3:34
13. The Trammps, *; L. Green; Ron "Have Mercy" Kersey - Disco Infernonot rated3:34
14. The Bee Gees, *; B. Gibb; M. Gibb; R. Gibb - Night Fevernot rated3:30
15. Ben Stiller; William H. Macy, (Pending) - Mystery Men Oathnot rated0:42

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