The Chemical Brothers
Singles 93 - 03

The Chemical Brothers - Singles 93 - 03

  • Release date: 2003
  • Genre: Eletronica/Techno
  • Format: 2CD
  • Category: misc
  • Duration: 2:11:20
  • not rated
  • Added November 8, 2003


1. Tom Rowlands; Ed Simons - Song to the Sirennot rated4:31
2. Tom Rowlands; Ed Simons - Chemical Beatsnot rated4:04
3. Tom Rowlands; Ed Simons; Blake Baxter - Leave Homenot rated5:06
4. The Chemical Brothers; Noel Gallagher, Tom Rowlands; Ed Simons; Noel Gallagher - Setting Sunnot rated4:01
5. *; Tom Rowlands; Ed Simons; Weaver Jr. - Block Rockin' Beatsnot rated4:54
6. Tom Rowlands; Ed Simons; Jonathan Donahue - The Private Psychedelic Reelnot rated9:07
7. *; Tom Rowlands; Ed Simons; Wigfall; Fowler; Pettiford; Evens; Bloodrock - Hey Boy Hey Girlnot rated4:50
8. The Chemical Brothers; Noel Gallagher, Tom Rowlands; Ed Simons; Noel Gallagher - Let Forever Benot rated3:42
9. The Chemical Brothers; Bernard Sumner; Bobby Gillespie, Tom Rowlands; Ed Simons; Bernard Sumner - Out of Controlnot rated7:20
10. The Chemical Brothers; Beverley Skeete, Tom Rowlands; Ed Simons - Star Guitarnot rated6:09
11. The Chemical Brothers; Richard Ashcroft, Tom Rowlands; Ed Simons; Richard Ashcroft; Czeslaw Niemen - The Testnot rated6:53
12. The Chemical Brothers; Kevin 'K-OS' Brereton, Tom Rowlands; Ed Simons; Kevin 'K-OS' Brereton - Get Yourself Highnot rated5:49
13. The Chemical Brothers; The Flaming Lips, Tom Rowlands; Ed Simons; Wayne Coyne; Steven Drozd - The Golden Pathnot rated4:51
1. The Chemical Brothers; Justin Warfield; One Inch Punch, Tom Rowlands; Ed Simons; Justin Warfield - Not Another Drugstore - Planet Nine Mixnot rated6:52
2. Tom Rowlands; Ed Simons - The Dukenot rated5:38
3. Tom Rowlands; Ed Simons - If You Kling To Me I'll Klong To Younot rated5:23
4. Tom Rowlands; Ed Simons - Otter Rocknot rated4:08
5. Tom Rowlands; Ed Simons - Morning Lemonnot rated4:37
6. Tom Rowlands; Ed Simons - Galaxy Bouncenot rated4:46
7. Tom Rowlands; Ed Simons - Loops of Furynot rated4:43
8. The Chemical Brothers; Tim Burgess, Tom Rowlands; Ed Simons; Tim Burgess - Deliknot rated5:29
9. Tom Rowlands; Ed Simons - Elektrobank - Livenot rated7:51
10. Tom Rowlands; Ed Simons - Under the Influence - Mix 2not rated5:28
11. Tom Rowlands; Ed Simons - Piku Playground - Livenot rated4:58

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