Miles Davis (93 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Miles Davis'Round About MidnightLP1957not rated
Miles Davis'Round About MidnightSACD*****
Miles DavisA Tribute To Jack JohnsonLP1971not rated52:30
Miles DavisA Tribute to Jack JohnsonSACD11/20/1999not rated52:22
Miles DavisAghartaLP1976not rated1:37:31
Miles DavisAmandlaFLAC2011not rated43:50
Miles DavisAscenseur Pour L'EnchafaudWAVnot rated47:39
Miles DavisBig FunLP1974not rated1:38:54
Miles DavisBig Fun (Sl)SACD2/13/2001not rated
Miles DavisBitches BrewSACD6/8/1999not rated
Miles DavisBitches BrewLP6/1970not rated1:33:57
Miles DavisBitches BrewWAVnot rated1:34:05
Miles DavisBlack Beauty (Sl)SACD3/13/2001not rated
Miles DavisBlue MoodsFLAC2016not rated26:49
Miles DavisComplete In a Silent Way SessionsCD10/23/2001not rated
Miles DavisCookinCD12/21/1999not rated
Miles DavisCookin' With The Miles Davis QuintetLP1957not rated33:30
Miles DavisCookin' with the Miles Davis QuintetDVDA4/21/2004not rated
Miles DavisDark Magus-Live at Carnegie HallSACD12/18/2001not rated
Miles DavisDiggin' With The Miles Davis SextetLP1964not rated
Miles DavisDoo-BopSACD9/20/2013not rated39:50
Miles DavisE.S.P.LP1965not rated48:05
Miles DavisE.S.P.SACD4/11/2001not rated
Miles DavisFilles De KilimanjaroSACDnot rated
Miles DavisFriday Night at the Blackhawk (Vol. 1)CD10/25/1990not rated
Miles DavisGet Up With ItLP1974not rated2:02:05
Miles DavisGreat 5SACD12/10/2016not rated3:42:52
Miles DavisIn A Silent WayWAVnot rated38:11
Miles DavisIn A Silent WayLP1969not rated
Miles DavisIn ConcertLP1973not rated1:24:41
Miles DavisIn Person Friday Night At The Blackhawk San Francisco V.1SACD8/5/2002not rated
Miles DavisIn Person Saturday Night At The Blackhawk San Francisco V.2SACD8/5/2002not rated
Miles DavisIn Person, Friday Night At The Blackhawk, San Francisco, Volume 1LP1961not rated53:37
Miles DavisIn Person, Saturday Night At The Blackhawk, San Francisco, Volume 2LP1961not rated57:37
Miles DavisIn a Silent Way (Dlx) (Stereo/Multi)SACD8/20/2002not rated
Miles DavisJack Johnson (Original Soundtrack Recording)LP2015not rated52:30
Miles DavisKind Of BlueLP1959not rated45:01
Miles DavisKind Of BlueLP1995not rated
Miles DavisKind Of Blue (Mono Version)WAVnot rated45:32
Miles DavisKind of BlueSACD6/1/2004not rated
Miles DavisLive - EvilFLAC1997not rated1:41:56
Miles DavisLive Around the WorldCD5/14/1996not rated
Miles DavisLive-EvilLP1971not rated1:41:54
Miles DavisMiles Davis At FillmoreLP1970not rated1:41:41
Miles DavisMiles Davis' Greatest HitsLP1969not rated53:05
Miles DavisMiles Davis: Kind of BlueCD8/29/2005not rated
Miles DavisMiles Davis: TutuDVD Audio9/24/2002not rated
Miles DavisMiles In The SkyLP1968not rated
Miles DavisMiles SmilesLP1966not rated41:22
Miles DavisMiles Smiles (Sl)SACD4/4/2000not rated
Miles DavisMilestonesSACD4/17/2001not rated
Miles DavisMy Funny ValentineSACDnot rated
Miles DavisMy Funny Valentine - Miles Davis In ConcertLP4/1965not rated1:02:53
Miles DavisNefertitiSACD6/9/2015not rated39:17
Miles DavisNefertitiSACD10/13/1998not rated
Miles DavisOn CornerSACD5/1/2006not rated
Miles DavisOn The CornerLP11/14/1972not rated49:41
Miles DavisPorgy & BessSACD3/7/2000not rated
Miles DavisPorgy And BessLP1958not rated
Miles DavisQuiet NightsLP1963not rated26:32
Miles DavisQuiet Nights (Sl)SACD2/13/2001not rated
Miles DavisRelaxin (Hybr)SACD1/20/2004not rated
Miles DavisRelaxin' With The Miles Davis QuintetLP1958not rated36:13
Miles DavisRound About MidnightCD10/25/1990not rated
Miles DavisRubberband (FLAC 96-24)FLACnot rated1:01:46
Miles DavisSeven Steps To HeavenLP1971not rated46:08
Miles DavisSeven Steps To HeavenLP9/1963not rated46:08
Miles DavisSeven Steps to HeavenSACD8/22/2001not rated
Miles DavisSketches Of SpainSACD9/7/1999not rated
Miles DavisSketches of SpainCD9/23/1997not rated
Miles DavisSomeday My Prince Will ComeSACD12/6/2000not rated
Miles DavisSorcererSACD3/3/2003not rated
Miles DavisSorcererLP1967not rated40:03
Miles DavisStar PeopleLP1983not rated58:35
Miles DavisSteaminCD12/21/1999not rated
Miles DavisSteamin With the Miles Davis QuintetSACD6/24/2003not rated
Miles DavisSteamin'CDnot rated40:08
Miles DavisSteamin' With The Miles Davis QuintetLPnot rated
Miles DavisThe BeginningLPnot rated
Miles DavisThe Cellar Door Sessions 1970CDnot rated57:29
Miles DavisThe Cellar Door Sessions 1970CDnot rated57:42
Miles DavisThe Cellar Door Sessions 1970CDnot rated46:52
Miles DavisThe Cellar Door Sessions 1970CDnot rated1:09:56
Miles DavisThe Cellar Door Sessions 1970CDnot rated52:37
Miles DavisThe Cellar Door Sessions 1970CDnot rated1:05:28
Miles DavisThe Complete Bitches Brew SessionsCD11/24/1998not rated
Miles DavisThe Man With The HornLP1981not rated52:32
Miles DavisTutuCD10/25/1990not rated
Miles DavisVolume 1LP1956not rated
Miles DavisWalkin'LP1957not rated
Miles Davis QuintetRelaxin' With MilesSACDnot rated37:06
Miles Davis, Bill LaswellPanthalassa: The Music Of Miles Davis 1969-1974CD4/28/1998not rated
Miles Davis, Marcus MillerSiesta (1987 Film)CD10/25/1990not rated