Ry Cooder (14 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Ry CooderBoomer's StoryCD1972not rated
Ry CooderChicken Skin MusicCD1976not rated
Ry CooderElection SpecialCD8/20/2012not rated
Ry CooderI, FlatheadCD6/23/2008not rated
Ry CooderInto the Purple ValleyCD1972not rated
Ry CooderLive In San FranciscoCD9/9/2013not rated
Ry CooderLive On AirCD2005not rated
Ry CooderMusic By Ry Cooder2CD6/19/1995not rated
Ry CooderMy Name Is BuddyCD3/5/2007not rated
Ry CooderPull Up Some Dust & Sit DownCD8/29/2011not rated
Ry CooderShow TimeCD1977not rated
Ry CooderParadise And LunchLP1974not rated36:51
Ry CooderBop Till You DropLP1979not rated39:56
Ry CooderBorderlineLP1980not rated43:30