Pat Metheny (14 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Pat MethenyAs Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita FallsCD1981not rated
Pat MethenyDay TripCD1/28/2008not rated
Pat MethenyFirst CircleCD1984not rated
Pat MethenyQuestion & Answer [Remastered]CD1989not rated
Pat MethenySong XCD1985not rated
Pat MethenySpeaking Of NowCD2/18/2002not rated
Pat MethenyThe Road to You: Recorded Live in EuropeCD7/20/1993not rated
Pat MethenyThe Way UpCD1/24/2005not rated
Pat MethenyThe Way Up LiveDVD2006not rated
Pat MethenyTokyo Day Trip : Live EPCD5/19/2008not rated
Pat MethenyTrio 99-00CD2/7/2000not rated
Pat MethenyTrio Live2CD11/27/2000not rated
Pat MethenyUpojenieCD10/13/2008not rated
Pat MethenyWatercolorsCD2/1/2019not rated