Fairport Convention (10 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Fairport Convention25th Anniversary Concert2CD1993not rated
Fairport ConventionFairport Convention 50:50@50CD6/9/2017not rated
Fairport ConventionFull HouseCD10/1/2001not rated
Fairport ConventionHeyday -The BBC Sessions 1968 -1969 / ExtendedCD3/4/2002not rated
Fairport ConventionHouse Full: Live at the LA TroubadourCD3/19/2007not rated
Fairport ConventionLiege & Lief [Deluxe Edition]2CD8/13/2007not rated
Fairport ConventionNineCD1/1/2016not rated
Fairport ConventionRising For The Moon [remastered]2CD8/26/2013not rated
Fairport ConventionUnhalfbricking [remastered]CD3/3/2003not rated
Fairport ConventionWhat We Did On Our HolidaysCD3/28/1990not rated