Bill Bruford
Footloose and Fancy Free

Bill Bruford - Footloose and Fancy Free

  • Release date: 4/15/2002
  • Format: 2CD
  • Category: jazz
  • not rated
  • Added September 29, 2013


1. Footloose and fancy freenot rated0:00
2. If Summer had it's ghostsnot rated0:00
3. A part, and yet apartnot rated0:00
4. Triplicitynot rated0:00
5. Come to dustnot rated0:00
6. No truce with the furiesnot rated0:00
7. Wooden man sings and the stone woman dancesnot rated0:00
8. Revel without a pausenot rated0:00
9. Never the same way oncenot rated0:00
10. Original sinnot rated0:00
11. Cloud cuckoo landnot rated0:00
12. Dewey-eyed, then dancingnot rated0:00
13. Emperor's new clothesnot rated0:00
14. Bridge of inhibitionnot rated0:00

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