Nitin Sawhney (12 albums, 1 bookmark)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Nitin SawhneyAll Mixed UpCD2004not rated1:41:47
Nitin SawhneyBeyond SkinCD1999not rated58:26
Nitin SawhneyDisplacing the PriestCD1996not rated41:23
Nitin SawhneyHumanCD2003not rated56:45
Nitin SawhneyIn The Mind of Nitin SawhneyCD2007not rated51:58
Nitin SawhneyLondon UndersoundCD2008not rated44:23
Nitin SawhneyMigrationCD1995not rated41:39
Nitin SawhneyPhiltreCD2005not rated57:17
Nitin SawhneyProphesyCD2001not rated52:08
Nitin SawhneySunset - CD 1 (featuring Eska)CD2001not rated17:44
Nitin SawhneySunset - CD 2 (featuring Eska)CD2001not rated15:29
Nitin SawhneyThe NamesakeCD2007not rated55:31