Enigma (17 albums, 4 bookmarks)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
EnigmaSeven Lives Many FacesCD2008not rated47:37
EnigmaA PosterioriCD2006not rated53:40
EnigmaVoyageur [Single]CD2003not rated20:35
EnigmaVoyageurCD2003not rated47:20
EnigmaLove Sensuality Devotion - The Remix CollectionCD2001not rated57:57
EnigmaLove Sensuality Devotion - The Greatest HitsCD2001not rated1:16:27
EnigmaThe Screen Behind the MirrorCD2000not rated43:31
EnigmaPush the LimitsCD2000not rated33:51
EnigmaT.N.T. for the BrainCD1997not rated18:45
EnigmaLe Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi!CD1996not rated45:38
EnigmaBeyond the InvisibleCD1996not rated18:34
EnigmaAge of LonelinessCD1994not rated26:03
EnigmaThe Cross of ChangesCD1993not rated44:14
EnigmaReturn to InnocenceCD1993not rated20:18
EnigmaMea Culpa (Part II)CD1991not rated14:13
EnigmaMCMXC a.D. (The Limited Edition)CD1991not rated1:00:27
EnigmaSadeness (Part I)CD1990not rated17:29