Cocteau Twins (14 albums, 3 bookmarks)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Cocteau TwinsAikea-GuineaCD1985not rated14:35
Cocteau TwinsBBC SessionsCD1999not rated1:51:21
Cocteau TwinsCD1993not rated41:29
Cocteau TwinsGarlandsCD1982not rated57:35
Cocteau TwinsHeaven or Las VegasCD1990not rated37:44
Cocteau TwinsLove's Easy TearsCD1986not rated13:39
Cocteau TwinsLullabies to Violaine - Volume 1CD2006not rated2:03:57
Cocteau TwinsLullabies to Violaine - Volume 2CD2006not rated1:46:54
Cocteau TwinsMilk & KissesCD1996not rated42:46
Cocteau TwinsSunburst and Snowblind / Head Over HeelsCD1983not rated51:49
Cocteau TwinsThe Pink OpaqueCD1985not rated40:08
Cocteau TwinsTiny Dynamine / Echoes in a Shallow BayCD1985not rated32:47
Cocteau TwinsTreasureCD1984not rated41:17
Cocteau TwinsVictorialandCD1986not rated32:44