Everything Is Wrong - Non-Stop DJ Mix

Moby - Everything Is Wrong - Non-Stop DJ Mix

  • Release date: 1996
  • Genre: Alternative/Other
  • Format: CD
  • Category: misc
  • Duration: 1:59:50
  • not rated
  • Added June 8, 2003
  • Played September 23, 2012


1. First cool hive (Minimal version)not rated1:24
2. Feeling so real (Unashamed ecstatic piano mix)not rated4:57
3. All that i need is to be loved (Hard trance version)not rated5:15
4. Bring back my happiness (Extended mix)not rated2:50
5. Move (Disco threat mix)not rated4:34
6. Everytime you touch me (Pure joy mix)not rated4:00
7. Feeling so real (Westbam mix)not rated5:50
8. Into the blue (Uplifting 4 beat mix)not rated4:49
9. Everytime you touch me (NYC jungle mix)not rated3:45
10. Into the blue (Spiritual mix)not rated8:45
11. Anthem (Cinematic version)not rated2:24
12. Everything is wrong (Quiet mix)not rated5:04
1. Let's go free (Reversal mix)not rated0:34
2. Hymn (I believe)not rated5:59
3. Into the blue (Voodoo child mix)not rated3:57
4. Everytime you touch me (Freestyle version)not rated3:38
5. Bring back my happiness (Josh Wink mix)not rated1:55
6. Hymn (Lucky orgasm mix)not rated5:10
7. Everytime you touch me (Na feel mix)not rated4:23
8. Feeling so real (Old skool mix)not rated4:02
9. Hymn (Menacing mix)not rated4:12
10. Bring back my happiness (Para los discos)not rated3:36
11. Into the blue (Simple mix)not rated5:49
12. Move (Electro mix)not rated6:36
13. All that I need is to be loved (Melodic mix)not rated7:06
14. When it's cold I'd like to die (Instrumental)not rated9:05

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