Silent Poets
To Come... Another Version

Silent Poets - To Come... Another Version

  • Release date: 2000
  • Genre: Alternative/Other
  • Format: CD
  • Category: misc
  • Duration: 1:11:39
  • not rated
  • Added May 27, 2003
  • Played February 10, 2006


1. Come raising (Remixed by Tom & Joyce) (Raisin'sun mix)not rated5:22
2. Someday (Remixed by Mighty Bop)not rated6:20
3. Where the sidewalk ends (Remixed by King Britt) (Scuba mix)not rated7:50
4. Prisons (Remixed by Spacek) (Prisoners mix)not rated4:19
5. I will miss this holy garden (remixed by Taxi) (Slipper and socks mix)not rated7:30
6. Get ready (Remixed by Freeform Arkestra)not rated4:28
7. Prisons (Remixed by Two Banks of Four) (Frieze to a phrase remix)not rated7:41
8. Save the day (Remixed by Restless Soul) (Peaktime mix)not rated6:57
9. Someday (Remixed by Extended Spirit)not rated5:52
10. To come (Remixed by Julian Jabre) (Pitou's ride)not rated5:46
11. Save the day (Remixed by Wechsel Garland)not rated2:56
12. Sugar man (Remixed by Chari Chari)not rated6:33

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