Triumph (17 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
TriumphThunder SevenCD1984not rated41:21
TriumphThe Sport Of KingsCD1986not rated42:57
TriumphSurveillanceCD1987not rated45:28
TriumphStagesCD1985not rated1:10:16
TriumphRock & Roll MachineCD1977not rated40:31
TriumphProgressions Of PowerCD1980not rated41:28
TriumphNever SurrenderCD1982not rated40:16
TriumphLive At The US FestivalCD2003not rated54:47
TriumphLive At The US FestivalDVD2003not rated
TriumphLive At Sweden Rock FestivalDVD/CD2012not rated2:17:10
TriumphKing BiscuitCD1995not rated1:11:30
TriumphJust A GameCD1979not rated36:22
TriumphIn The BeginningCD1976not rated39:54
TriumphGreatest Hits RemixedCD/DVD2010not rated2:03:27
TriumphEdge Of ExcessCD1992not rated47:23
TriumphAllied ForcesCD1981not rated38:49
TriumphA Night Of Triumph - LiveDVD2004not rated