The Tangent (18 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
The TangentA Place In The Queue (Special Edition)CD2006not rated2:06:11
The TangentA Place On The ShelfCD2009not rated1:15:54
The TangentA Spark In The Aether: The Music That Died Alone - Volume Two (Special Edition)CD2015not rated1:07:07
The TangentAuto Reconnaissance (Limited Edition)CD2020not rated1:18:26
The TangentCOMM (Limited Edition)CD2011not rated1:07:50
The TangentDown And Out In Paris And London (Limited First Edition)CD2009not rated1:04:12
The TangentGoing Off On One (Special Limited Edition)DVD/2CD2007not rated4:00:07
The TangentGoing Off On TwoDVD/CD2011not rated2:19:23
The TangentL'Etagere Du TravailCD2013not rated1:17:13
The TangentLe Sacre Du Travail (Limited Edition)CD2013not rated1:13:14
The TangentNot As Good As The Book (Special Edition)CD2008not rated1:34:44
The TangentProxyCD2018not rated1:07:36
The TangentPyramids And StarsCD2005not rated1:17:15
The TangentPyramids, Stars & Other Stories: The Tangent Live Recordings 2004-2017CD2023not rated2:23:21
The TangentSongs From The Hard ShoulderCD2022not rated1:15:50
The TangentThe Music That Died AloneCD2003not rated48:08
The TangentThe Slow Rust Of Forgotten MachineryCD2017not rated1:19:53
The TangentThe World That We Drive Through (Special Edition)CD2004not rated1:13:38