The Fixx (13 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
The Fixx1011 WoodlandCD1999not rated1:26:56
The FixxBeautiful FrictionCD2012not rated48:57
The FixxCalm AnimalsCD1988not rated37:43
The FixxElementalCD1998not rated42:23
The FixxEvery Five SecondsCD2022not rated44:59
The FixxInkCD1991not rated52:15
The FixxKing Biscuit Flower HourCD1995not rated59:47
The FixxMissing LinksCD1994not rated51:37
The FixxReach The Beach (Expanded Edition)CD1983not rated1:03:33
The FixxReactCD1987not rated55:15
The FixxReal Time Stood StillCD1997not rated1:12:02
The FixxShuttered RoomCD1982not rated48:11
The FixxWant That LifeCD2003not rated44:09